SAVE THE DATE & PREVIEW: “Reborn” a Solo Exhibition by Davia King at Ewkuks Gallery – Saturday April 14th

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Davia King woke up in the hospital on March 9th with a lacerated liver, broken vertebrae and two fractured ribs. She didn’t know how she got there. She had been hit by a drunk driver.

The first thing Davia recalls after the accident is asking for a hand to hold. Hands of many shapes and sizes cradled her own, and as her consciousness returned she realized they belonged to nurses. She’d been blessed. She was still alive. She didn’t need surgery.

Reborn, Davia’s solo exhibition at Ewkuks Gallery, explores the profound shift in psyche and perspective when given a second chance to live.

Her new work is an evolution in embracing uncertainty. This, she believes, is the key to unlimited potential. Structure and strategy are cast aside in favor of the joy found in blind creation. Faith and belief take over for fear and anxiety in this new world of limitless existence. The work stems from a deep understanding that life is a gift and shaped with the intention to give back to a greater humanity.

Reborn marks a critical pinnacle for Davia King. She is ready to bloom.

Words by Courtney Carter
Reborn by Davia King
April 14th – April 30th
Opening Reception:
Saturday, April 14th 
(8pm – 11pm ) 
Ewkuks Gallery
527 N. Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036



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