SAVE THE DATE: 3 LAyers Exhibition Opens at new SEARCH +RESQ Gallery – Sunday May 6th, 3-8 PM

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We all know the Brewery Art Colony is home to hundreds of artists, but next weekend a new gallery space is opening that will bring together three men with unique visions to tell one tale.  The 3 LAyers exhibit at newly relocated SEARCH + RESQ Gallery exemplifies the creativity and symbiotic relationship between art, architecture, and technology.

Connecting three creative Los Angeles artists with backgrounds in fine art, sculpture, and architecture, this show features artists working in three diverse modalities – bronze sculpture, CNC milling/fabrication, and mixed media conceptual art.  Although the artists work in completely different mediums, the combined exhibition is quite complementary in its addressing of issues concerning society, the environment, and modern culture. Collectively, their body of work highlights the process of layering color, texture, and dimensionality, reflecting unique attributes of each technique and the distinct bodies of work while still relating to the whole of the exhibit.

The participating artists will showcase a wide range of laser-inspired fine art by Ando Pndlian, highly- detailed patina bronze sculpture and new paintings by Luis Sanchez, and organic line drawing paintings and mixed media works by Gilles d’Amecourt.

Ando’s work reflects a continuing interest in the union between research, design, and culture, focusing on the way the user experiences the piece and the value added to space. Every piece of art has a story of its own. Materials (often reused/up-cycled) act as inspiration and vessels for ideas that are created digitally and infused with wordplay as a graphic element.

Ando Pndlian

“Stepping away from my usual work in figurative paintings, I have been exploring new avenues for my art – creating large public murals, staging homes with Interior designers, and creating more subtle, decorative abstract works. I love utilizing thicker applications of pumice and modeling paste to add more texture, giving my work a refined urban feel that is very contemporary.”
Luis Sanchez-

Luis Sanchez

Gilles d’Amecourt makes drawings, prints, mixed media and conceptual artworks. His work often refers to pop and mass culture, often commenting upon oppressive themes in contemporary society. Through written and drawn symbols and creative abstraction, his often deconstructed work invites closer inspection to uncover varied truths and shifting perspectives.

Gilles d’Amecourt

3 LAyers Exhibit Opening
Sunday, May 6th, 3-8 pm

660 South Avenue 21 ( at the Brewery Art Colony)
LA, CA 90031


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