SAVE THE DATE: New Series “The Power of Pigment: A Celebration of Color” with Opening Exhibition “Color Vision” at Huntington Beach Art Center – Saturday May 5th

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The Huntington Beach Art Center will be presenting the first in a series of three exhibitions focussing on color. The series is titled “The Power of Pigment: A Celebration of Color” and begins with “Color Vision,” an exhibition that seeks to bring together scientifically and culturally engaging aspects of how we perceive and utilize color.

The exhibition features a group of contemporary artists who use color not only as a medium but as an element of their message. Curated by Jim Ellsberry, a former aerospace computer programmer, educator, and practicing artist, and Suzanne Walsh, a gallery director and independent curator, Color Vision explores our continuously evolving relationship with color and perception.

Presented in three dynamic groupings, the emphasis is on the Architecture of Color, Color Theory, and the Practical Applications of Color. As Walsh explains

“these three containers are the underlying structure of the exhibition in which we are able to celebrate and explore the work of these 20 artists in a way that emphasizes the decisions they make as creators and designers. It is important to take note of the brilliance of each work, how each one pulls color into a relationship with two other elements of design: form (structure) and composition.”

Ellsberry says

“Color is not only a quantifiable measurement of light; it is also something we feel and react to subjectively. Viewed differently by every person, it evokes raw emotion and has cultural significance as well as practical application in all societies. In post-WWII America, the boundaries of color broadened, from New York to the West Coast. Abstract Expressionism, the Bay Area Figurative Movement, and California Hard-Edge Painting all saw color used in expressive ways. Color Vision pays homage to these movements. It features contemporary artists who use theory and personal sensibilities
to express, celebrate, and help us better understand the language of color.”

The artists included in the show are as follows: Caesar Alzate, Jr., Adela Andea, Brittney Diamond, Tom Dowling, Julie Easton, Connie DK Lane, William Lane, David Michael Lee, Joe Lloyd, Cynthia Lujan, Victoria MacMillan, Bret Price, Adam Sabolick, Christina Shurts, Katie Stubblefield, Maggie Tenneson, Marie Thibeault, Andrea Welton, HK Zamani, and Victor Hugo Zayas.

The exhibition includes a series of events:
Opening Reception: May 5, Members and Patrons 5:30-6:30pm; General Public 6:30-9pm Poetry at the Center: May 10, 6:30-8pm

Art for Lunch: May 17, 11:30am-1:30pm

Live Jazz with Bruce Forman, Tribute to West Coast Cool: June 16, 7-9pm

More about the Huntington Beach Art Center:
The Huntington Beach Art Center is a community art center presenting the works of local, regional and national artists. Through exhibitions, education and special programming, HBAC serves to advance public appreciation of artistic and cultural perspectives. HBAC provides opportunities for the community to share in a climate of education and experimentation.

Huntington Beach Art Center
538 Main Street | Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Gallery Hours
T-Th: 12-8PM | Fr: 12-6PM | Sat: 12-5PM Closed Sun, Mon & most holidays. Admission is by donation

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