Join Chaz Bojórquez to Celebrate the Deluxe Edition Release of His Art Book – Saturday August 11

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Chaz Bojórquez Deluxe Edition

This Saturday, Los Angeles artist Chaz Bojórquez will be at The Container Yard in the DTLA Arts District for a book signing and the deluxe edition release of his art book. He worked closely with ZERO+ Publishing to create Chaz Bojórquez Deluxe Edition, which covers his work decade by decade beginning in the ‘70s. Bojórquez says, “My artwork deals with the lifestyle of a graffiti artist. You have to have lived it! Representing my community and culture are the words and compositions of my paintings. ‘Real graffiti’ comes from the streets, and painting in the streets is easier. There is less artistic criticism and judgment.”

Kirk Pedersen, owner of ZERO+, says, “Given my deep appreciation of Chaz’s work, it was a dream come true to work with him on a deluxe edition.” Only eight deluxe editions of the book will be created. Pedersen says, “Four have been completed and two will be released at the signing event. They are not numbered because each is a unique artwork; however, eight is the total number being created.”

The deluxe edition, priced at $2,800, comes in a Japanese cloth clamshell box. Bojórquez says, “Each one contains the book plus a unique stenciled artwork of my ‘Golden Boy’ with hand-applied 23K gold leaf over the line work. Each box has my signature style using a base of Zolatone paint to create texture like concrete or asphalt, and stencils and colors done by hand painting.”

Chaz Bojórquez Deluxe Edition

While working on the book, Pedersen and Bojórquez considered many design options. Pedersen says, “We did tests with laser cutting and, at one point, the edition was going to include a 3-part sculpture. We went through several variations before we confirmed the final design. Each box is custom designed and in this case, each box is hand-painted, so all of the boxes are unique.” He is very happy with the results of the collaboration. “Neither of us would settle for just something average and the final artwork is stunning.”

For Bojórquez, exhibiting in galleries or designing products is very different from making art in the streets. He says, “I find it harder to design in the public realm, but a much bigger challenge for an artist. To compete in today’s art market most of the biggest artists are also a ‘company’. You need to paint on canvas, murals, lecture, write articles, be the subject of videos, TV and radio, and exhibit in galleries, museums and live events just to be a competitive artist today.”

Chaz Bojórquez Deluxe Edition

Bojórquez currently has work in the hugely successful Beyond the Streets show in Downtown Los Angeles, which was extended through August 26. He says, “I enjoy exhibiting with other artist from all over the world. Their talent is high, and I feel that graffiti/street art is the most important art movement at the moment.” He’ll be participating in a show organized by Risk that opens August 17 at the Mayfair Hotel. He’s also working on a painting collaboration with a German artist, modern rug designs, and other products that feature his art.

Chaz Bojórquez Book Signing & Deluxe Edition Release
August 11 (4 – 7 pm)

The Container Yard
800 East 4th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Chaz Bojórquez Deluxe Edition Release and Signing

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