Take a Self-Guided Walking Tour of the DTLA Arts District – Saturday, February 16, 2019

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Self-Guided Walking Tour of the DTLA Arts District

This week marks the inaugural Frieze Los Angeles, and as the annual contemporary art fair takes over the Paramount lot in Hollywood from February 15-17, 2019, we’re excited to see so much happening in the DTLA Arts District as well. Saturday, February 16, is a great opportunity to get out and explore our neighborhood. We’ve mapped out a self-guided walking tour, but if you’re feeling especially creative, you can also design your own. Download a copy of our full DTLA Arts District map (or pick up a print version at a participating gallery), and head out on an art-themed adventure.

Walking Tour Stops

The Rendon Gallery1. The Rendon Gallery (Off-Site Location)
1242 Palmetto Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
The Rendon Gallery is a contemporary art space named for the historic hotel in which it is situated. Launched in early 2019, the gallery holds events both on- and off-site.

12 – 6 pm – Live Painting – Ralph Ziman x Bisco Smith
Visit The Rendon Gallery to watch Los Angeles artists Ralph Ziman and Bisco Smith create a collaborative work. “The Casspir Project” is a multimedia installation that explores the legacy of institutional oppression through photography, film, sculpture, and installation. At the heart of the exhibition is Ziman’s acclaimed SPOEK 1, an 11-ton, 22-foot long, 9-foot tall Casspir armored military vehicle that has been reclaimed and “Africanized” with elaborate, brightly-colored panels of traditional glass beadwork, handcrafted by African artisans. Refreshments catered by Lori Stern will be served.


2. Royale ProjectsRoyale Projects
432 S Alameda Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (Enter on Seaton)
Royale Projects, established in 2008, focuses on the history and continuing advancement of abstraction in painting and sculpture, as well as on leading edge artists who find roots in Conceptualism.

12 – 1 pm – Reception
Visit Royale Projects for an open-house reception celebrating our two current exhibitions. “Come Together,” inspired by the Beatles song, features works that force obscure ideas and disparate mediums to come together into bizarre yet impactful singular objects. “Clinton Hill Works from 1964/1965” consists of paintings that are all a part of a substantial body of work that has only recently been rediscovered and will continue to contribute to the reappraisal of Hill as one of the most important voices in American abstraction.

1 pm – Artist Talk with Rubén Ortiz Torres
Join Royale Projects for an artist talk with Rubén Ortiz Torres regarding music’s impact on the visual arts and his practice which is influenced by punk, cultural intersections and historical narratives and his Mexican-American heritage.


A+D Architecture and Design Museum3. A+D Architecture and Design Museum
900 E. 4th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
The A+D Architecture and Design Museum’s mission is to celebrate and promote an awareness of progressive architecture and design in everyday life.

12 – 7 pm – Exhibitions
This weekend is your last chance to see three current exhibitions at the museum, because all three close on Sunday. “PERSISTENT: Evolving Architecture in a Changing World” presents an argument for robust, sustainable, and resilient architecture. “Volume” by Rios Clementi Hale is the inaugural exhibition of the Alley Fellowship, and features the work of young artists and musicians from Leimert Park working in deep collaboration with designers from RCH Studios. The “Disgusting Food Museum” (Buy tickets) houses such delicacies as Mouse Wine, Jell-O Salad, and Surströmming—fermented herring from Sweden.


4. Art Share L.A.
801 E. 4th Place, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Art Share L.A. believes that artists create when they have access to space, resources, and support. They understand how difficult it may be for artists, especially emerging artists, to access the resources they need. Art Share L.A. provides a creative environment for artists to reside, develop, perform, and exhibit.

1 – 6 pm – Exhibition
Art Share L.A. is excited to present “Plus One,” on display from February 2nd through March 3rd, 2019. “Plus One” features work from Chelle Barbour, Micah Brenner, Carolyn Castano, Tom Dunn, Rebecca Franklin, Lauren Kasmer, Joanne Ji Young Kim, Grace Lynne, Ceres Madoo, Christina McPhee, Rodnie Nelson, Max Presneill, Dave Pressler, and Aaron Smith.

1 – 2pm – Concert
The Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles (C3LA) presents their second concert series of the 2018-2019 season, ON THE THRESHOLD, a concert that features pieces about the uncanny, the unknown, and the growth that comes from not knowing the next step. Buy tickets ($15)


The Box Gallery 5. The Box Gallery
805 Traction Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90013
The Box is an art gallery dedicated to showcasing innovative contemporary art and important exhibitions of overlooked modern artists.

12 – 6 pm – Exhibition
The Box is pleased to present the first US exhibition of European artists Pierre Guyotat and Christoph von Weyhe, curated with Donatien Grau. Titled “Scenes and Stages,” it features two distinct bodies of work by each artist which both engage in experiences of time and theatricality. “Scenes and Stages” will be open until March 30.


Over the Influence6. Over the Influence
833 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Over the Influence was founded in Hong Kong in 2015 and expanded to Los Angeles in 2018. The gallery represents an international roster of emerging and established artists working across different mediums and disciplines. OTI is dedicated to championing artists who challenge traditional approaches to studio practice and presents a dynamic program that explores the intersection of contemporary art, architecture, design, music, fashion and other forms of visual expression.

11 – 6 pm – Saturday Brunch
Join Over the Influence for an all-day catered reception in honor of the opening of two concurrent exhibitions: “Working Lunch,” a solo exhibition of drawings by Leroy Neiman, and “Fatherhood,” a group show featuring Dan Basen, Peter Linde Busk, Scott Campbell, Philip Diggle, Günther Förg, Rashid Johnson, Michael Kagan, Mike Lee, Joel Mesler, Ryan Mosley, Reko Rennie, Kenny Scharf, Aaron Spangler, and Michael Williams.


Hauser & Wirth7. Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles
901 E 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles is one of nine worldwide locations of Hauser & Wirth, the international gallery devoted to contemporary art and modern masters. A family business with a global outlook, Hauser & Wirth opened its Los Angeles location in March 2016 in the heart of the burgeoning Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. Occupying a former flour mill, Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles is a vibrant communal space that links art and architecture with a dynamic events program. In addition to supporting and collaborating with many local and international cultural organizations, nonprofits, and universities, the Los Angeles gallery fosters public dialogue with the arts through a range of activities that engage the city’s diverse population.

3 pm – Openings
Join Hauser & Wirth for the public openings of “Annie Leibovitz. The Early Years, 1970 – 1983: Archive Project No. 1” and “Piero Manzoni. Materials of His Time” with a celebration of music and cash bars in the courtyard. “The Early Years,” an extension of the 2017 survey of the same title presented by the LUMA Foundation at the festival Rencontres d’Arles, France, is the first comprehensive exhibition in Los Angeles devoted to the earliest work of this renowned American and features more than 4,000 photographs taken between 1970 – 1983. “Piero Manzoni. Materials of His Time” is the first exhibition in Los Angeles in over 20 years dedicated to the seminal figure of postwar Italian art and progenitor of Conceptualism.


MASH Gallery8. MASH Gallery
1325 Palmetto St, Los Angeles, CA, 90013
Mash Gallery, a contemporary art gallery located in the Los Angeles Arts District, will accommodate independent curators to manifest their vision. The venue is designed to create intimate conversations between those curators, artists, and the Los Angeles art audience.

12 – 6 pm – Exhibition
Figurine by Haleh Mashian presents a diverse collection of contemporary and figural paintings working together to evoke a harmonious narrative. Deeply personal, Haleh’s compositions are painterly reflections fashioned during pinnacle times of her life. This show runs through March 2.


Jason Vass Gallery9. Jason Vass Gallery
1452 E. Sixth Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021
Situated in the burgeoning arts district neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles in a 2,700 square foot, space designed to accommodate diverse exhibitions and related programs, the gallery aims to create an exhibition platform that offers a historical perspective through the lens of contemporary artists. The gallery is committed to cultivating emerging talent and supporting established artists from around the world.

11am – 6 pm – Exhibition
Los Angeles artist Mark Dean Veca’s solo show, “The Troubled Teens (Work of a Decade),” features works from 2010-2019. Veca’s art follows in the pop art tradition, but includes a surreal, psychedelic aspect that he describes as a “biomorphic abstraction.” Read Cartwheel’s interview with Mark Dean Veca.


10. Wilding Cran Gallery
939 S. Santa Fe Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90021
Founded in 2014 by Anthony Cran and Naomi deLuce Wilding, Wilding Cran represents international contemporary artists working in a variety of mediums. The gallery supports local and universal social causes through arts education programming and philanthropic work. In early 2018 they added an additional exhibition space, dedicated to showing the work of emerging and local artists.

12 – 6 pm – Exhibitions
In “White Noise,” Christian Eckart is re-presenting romantic sublime imagery—mountains, waterfalls, sunsets—for the purpose of reconsidering its primal power specifically in the context of the potential extinction of the human species as a result of climate change. Without humankind, who will be left to appreciate, collect, and share the Earth’s ineffable beauty and awesome grandeur? “Nature of Things” presents a collection of sculptures by Lianne Barnes on view in the back gallery. Made of bronze, resin and plaster, the sculptures, inspired by nature, symbolically manifest various aspects of womanhood. Her larger than life voluptuous heroines are sourced from mythological narratives taking on anthropomorphic organic shapes with handcrafted surfaces and meticulous patinas.


Garis & Hahn11. Garis & Hahn
1820 Industrial Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021
Garis & Hahn is a gallery-cum-Kunsthalle that mounts exhibitions focused on conceptual narratives and relevant conversations in contemporary art. By displaying an array of carefully curated artists, the gallery endeavors to provide accessibility, education, awareness, and a market to the art while engaging both the arts community and a broader general audience.

11am – 5 pm – Exhibition
It’s the final weekend of Lisa Adams’ show “A Piebald Era.” Occupying the liminal space between abstraction and representation, the imaginary and the real, Lisa Adams’s highly original paintings depict scenes which lie at the intersection where nature meets the brutality of the human-made, as filtered through a uniquely otherworldly prism. Read Cartwheel’s interview with Lisa Adams.


ICA LA12. Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (ICA LA)
1717 E. 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021
The Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (ICA LA) is an epicenter of artistic experimentation and incubator of new ideas. Founded in 1984 as the Santa Monica Museum of Art (SMMoA) and reestablished in 2017 with a new identity and home in Downtown Los Angeles, ICA LA builds upon a distinguished history of bold curatorial vision and innovative programming to illuminate the important untold stories and emerging voices in contemporary art and culture.

12 – 6 pm – Exhibitions
Enjoy three significant exhibitions on view at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, including “This Has No Name,” the first major U.S. museum survey of New York-based sculptor B. Wurtz. “An Enormous Oar,” an exhibition by photographer Lucas Blalock, is his first solo museum exhibition and presents over 20 works produced in the last five years focused on still life, domestic scenes, and portraits. A new staging of artist Maryam Jafri’s “Product Recall: An Index of Innovation (2014-15)” combines framed texts and “still life” product photography of unsuccessful food products from the private archives of anonymous food industry figures.


bitforms gallery13. bitforms gallery
ROW DTLA 767 Alameda Street, Bldg 2, Suite 158 + 162, Los Angeles, CA 90021

bitforms gallery, founded in 2001, is pleased to announce their Los Angeles debut in two spaces at ROW DTLA with a unique presentation of artists critically engaged with new technologies. The inaugural exhibition (February 13 – March 17) during Frieze LA presents a selection of immersive, time-based media work including artworks by Refik Anadol, R. Luke DuBois, Claudia Hart, Carla Gannis, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Jonathan Monaghan, Quayola, Casey Reas, Siebren Versteeg, and Marina Zurkow.

12 – 6 pm – Reception
Visit bitforms gallery for its inaugural debut in Los Angeles, and celebrate the rich history of media art through its current developments. The gallery’s program offers an incisive perspective on the fields of digital, internet, time-based, and new media art forms.


DENK gallery(off the map) DENK Gallery
749 East Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Founded in LA’s Downtown Arts District in January of 2017, DENK presents a diverse program of local and international contemporary artists working across a variety of mediums, including sculpture, installation, painting, photography, works on paper, and interdisciplinary media.

11 am – 6 pm – Exhibition
Los Angeles-based Tim Hawkinson’s “New Works” is the gallery’s first solo exhibition for the established, multidisciplinary artist, and his first in Los Angeles in almost a decade. Hawkinson’s sculptural practice reveals an obsessive preoccupation with constitutive parts and an affinity for their inventive, if at times perverse, reassembly. Fascinated by the inner workings of systems and the transformative potential of process and hand-making, Hawkinson creates alternative anatomies, productive machines, dimensional distortions, and bizarre automata—with all manner of and synthesized materials.


Visit an Art Fair

Frieze Los Angeles isn’t the only art fair happening this weekend. Two new one are launching downtown: SPRING/BREAK Row DTLA and Superfine! Art Fair at The Reef.

Spring/Break Art Show14. SPRING/BREAK Row DTLA
The Stalls at Skylight ROW DLTA 
1925 East 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021
12 – 8 pm
Buy tickets ($20)
SPRING/BREAK Art Show is excited to announce its first-ever exhibition outside the New York Metropolitan area, running from February 15 – 17, 2019 in Downtown Los Angeles. Held within unique former produce stalls, SPRING/BREAK Art Show LA will feature more than 40 curated exhibitions of local emerging and established artists, nonprofit organizations, independent curators, artist collectives and galleries.


Superfine Art Fair(off the map) Superfine! Art Fair
Magic Box at The Reef
1933 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90007
12 – 10pm
Buy tickets ($10)
From February 14-17, Superfine! Art Fair brings diverse, accessible art to DTLA’s Magic Box at The Reef. Come discover and collect the work of hundreds of new contemporary artists, including many LGBTQ and female artists, at the inaugural West Coast iteration of the art fair that’s made shockwaves in New York, Miami, and Washington DC by making transparency and accessibility its primary focus, while presenting cutting edge new contemporary art by living artists.

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