CARTWHEEL Preview: Red Bull Curates sends Lydia Emily and Gregory Siff to Miami

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Lydia Emily — a CARTWHEEL featured artist — will paint her second “Red Bull Curates” canvas cooler at SCOPE Miami art fair this month.

For L.A. artist Lydia Emily, “the road to Art Basel” began April 5, 2012 when she competed in and won the Red Bull Curates: The Canvas Cooler Project at Lab Art, along with fellow L.A. artists Gregory Siff and Hans Haveron. Now it’s time to reap the rewards of winning a spot with the highly anticipated Red Bull Curates: The Canvas Cooler Project at SCOPE Miami, Dec. 4-6. Earlier in year, artists competed using Red Bull drink coolers as their canvases and won their places at SCOPE in a series of public gallery events in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City through a combination of curatorial panel and audience choice voting.

Lydia Emily will be exhibiting four brand new pieces of work at SCOPE, which highlights emerging artists, and painting her second Red Bull Canvas Cooler. The artist — who recently joined CARTWHEEL’s selection of featured artists — told me about her new oil paintings:

This year all my work will be on Africa, and how Africa will be affected by China’s colonization of their country. A big deal for me is China’s colonization of Africa because if China can do what it’s doing in Tibet and consider Tibetans their own people, what will they do to the Africans, who are so graciously accepting them and inviting them into their area? I’m trying to show the people who will be most affected by the economic change in Africa. Those are the people who live in the smaller tribes and have less say over the government actions of different countries.

I asked Lydia Emily what she’s most excited to see in Miami:

I’m excited to see Blum and Poe. It’s funny that it’s taking me to get all the way to Miami to see their gallery even though they’re here in Los Angeles. I’m excited to see what Corey Helford Gallery has out. I’m excited to see my friend Daniel Lahoda who runs the L.A. Freewalls project. He’s a huge advocate of artists and murals and he’s going to be doing murals all over Miami.

Gregory Siff had his second L.A. show earlier this fall, “Matter of Time,” at Gallery Brown. This native New Yorker’s projects, including commissioned murals at The Standard Hotel in Downtown L.A. and The De la Barracuda Wall, are why he’s one to watch. For a great inside look at one of our team’s favorite artists, be sure to view Erwin Recinos’ awesome studio photos here.

Hans Haveron is an artist, muralist and renowned costume designer. He splits his time between L.A., New York and Miami and has shown alongside Shepard Fairey, Audrey Kawasaki, RETNA, John Park and more.

This trio of winners, who entered Red Bull’s “Canvas Cooler Project” with 20 other L.A. emerging and street artists last spring to win their tickets to Miami, competed by elevating the concept of Red Bull fridges from mere can storage to vibrant, mini 3D murals. In addition to Lydia Emily, Siff and Haveron, there are four artists from New York — CLAW, KOSBE, Gerardo Cid, and L’Amour Supreme — and three artists from Chicago — GOONS, Hebru Brantley, and Don’t Fret — headed to Miami with Red Bull Curates. From the company:

Ten of the nation’s top emerging contemporary artists are headed to SCOPE Miami during Art Basel (Dec. 4 – 9, 2012) to showcase their work in a group show after being chosen as winners in a nationwide series of competitive gallery showcases. Red Bull Curates: Canvas Cooler Project paired emerging artists in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York with local venue owners to create custom and functional pieces of art which are now on permanent display in some of the hottest bars, lounges and restaurants in each city. Artists were handpicked and given a one-day challenge to transform a blank canvas-wrapped Red Bull cooler into an inspired work of art. The show will take place at SCOPE Pavilion (110 N.E. 36 St.) in Midtown and will be open from Dec. 4 – 8 from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Dec. 9 from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.


SCOPE Miami Art Fair
Miami Beach, Florida
Tuesday, December 4th 3 – 9 pm
Wednesday to Saturday, Dec. 5th – 8th
11am – 7pm
Sunday, December 9th
11 am – 6pm

Read more on SCOPE and the rest of CARTWHEEL’S Picks for Miami art fairs.

Uganda by CARTWHEEL featured artist Lydia Emily is one of six new pieces exhibiting with Red Bull Curates in Miami this December.

This just in from Miami: Lydia Emily working canvas cooler number two for SCOPE.

Photo of Gregory Siff in the studio by Erwin Recinos (Oct. 2012).

The Canvas Cooler Project with Gregory Siff (Photo:

Gregory Siff’s canvas cooler (Photo: Cindy Schwarzstein).

The Canvas Cooler contest at Lab Art. (Photo:

Gregory Siff getting noticed at Red Bull Curates canvas cooler contest (Photo: Cindy Schwarzstein).

Carve by Lydia Emily was part of the Lab Art exhibition last spring.

Lydia Emily’s canvas cooler number one — with Van Arno (Photo: Cindy Schwarzstein).

This just in from Miami: Gregory Siff’s canvas cooler number two for SCOPE Miami (Dec. 2, 2012).

On Dec. 2, 2012, Gregory Siff working canvas cooler number two for SCOPE Miami.


L to R: Artists Gregory Siff, Lydia Emily and Hans Haveron

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