DoLaB Kick-Off: Lightning in a Bottle with Water Charity Pre-Party

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This past Saturday the Do LaB did one of the hundreds of things they do best: Hosted an awesome throw down, get down, lose yourself to the music party. As part of the Venice Music Crawl, the RG Club hosted the official pre-party for the upcoming Lightning in a Bottle.  LIB– the electronic driven festival that only gets bigger, better and more diverse with each passing season, will be held July 11-15 in the Southland’s wine country, Temecula CA.  Saturday’s event offered us a quick, juicy preview of what’s soon to follow this summer when LIB lets loose.

The more immediate focus of Saturday’s get down/throw down however, was to generate funds and pump up awareness for the humanitarian cause of clean accessible water with the group Charity: Water.

As I was told when I arrived at the door by the lovely Erika (didn’t catch the last name, but do the magical Do LaBbers  even NEED last names anymore?):

We’re accepting donations, and no cash is taken out of the pot,  it ALL goes to the cause.

Super, I thought. I loved her upfrontedness, and her desire to communicate that even though this is about as fringe, cool as cool gets in Venice on a Saturday night, this is also a legit moment of charity. And charity alongside dancing with good beats equals a  feelgood night for all.

Upon entering the venue, I let myself be swallowed by the madness that comes with a big crowd in a not-so-big space. The patio entrance would have been swarming with people, had the people had room to swarm. This tightness, however, didn’t seem to prevent a any an every cutely clad party goer from having a swell time.

Smiles, giggles and twinkling eyes abounded. Once I got through this first mass of happiness, I found the bar and dance floor to be a little more open, and still as joyful… oh, and ten degrees hotter and much, much wetter.

The DJs, like the ever-glowing Gina Calderoni, who put together a set of quite pretty mischief and sparkling mayhem, kept this summer ready crowd moving: Girls in bikini tops, flaunting carefully placed tattoos of whimsy, boys with dress shirts/t-shirts/ no shirts shooting multicolored bubbles above a sweat soaked dance floor, observers sitting on the sidelines conversing with glee,  keeping at least one eye on the unpredictable and rhythmic crowd around them.

This charity event, promoting the real possibility of clean water for all people on our blue planet,  was a great kickoff to what promises to be an awesome summer. With Lightening in a Bottle just around the corner, we can be positive we have amazing things to look forward to- like the ever surprising Do LaB using their powers for good things, like the promotion of  clean water for all. Happy Summering !!






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