HPM-Project.com’s Launch: CARTWHEEL and Castanier Throw Urban Art Party

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The HPM-Project.com launch party on at the Daily Dose in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District provided the opportunity for collectors to see a  new, limited edition collection of prints by  JonOne, Mist, REROSpeedy Graphito,  Smash 137, Tilt, Risk, Chaz Bojorquez, and Alex Kizu, aka DEFER. Though HPM-Project.com (the new side-project of Fabien Castanier Gallery) is an online project, Castaneir wanted to give collectors and fans of the artists an opportunity to see the works in person. Castanier joined with CARTWHEEL’s consulting wing for the launch event, held Saturday June 29, 2013.

For Castanier and HPM-Project.com, “hand-painted multiple” means a small edition of only eight, each painted and signed by the artist, printed on Khadi paper which is is very high quality.  Alex Kizu commented last week on CARTWHEEL:

I was amazed at how thick and sturdy the paper was – it was ideal for painting on.

These hand-painted multiples blend the lines between print and original art because they are much more than simple screen prints. In fact, the pieces in this collection have more hand-painted content than print; on many, such as those of Chaz Bojorquez’ and Smash 137, and Tilt, it’s difficult to tell which is printed and which of the strokes are painted on. Claire Lem of Fabien Castanier Gallery explained:

We wanted to bring it to a higher level than your average silkscreen. We wanted to keep it small to allow the artist to spend a lot of time with each piece. It’s almost like getting an original piece. Fabien asked each artist if they wanted to paint before or after the printing. In Smash’s case, the prints went through two print runs, because the artist wanted to paint between multiple layers. In Chaz’s case, the printed matter is dark grey.

All of the multiples were painted in L.A., either when the artists were in town for a show with the gallery, like  JonOne, Mist, RERO, Speedy Graphito, Smash 137, Tilt;  or at their home studio, like Risk, Chaz, and DEFER.

The idea, says Claire, is that a person can collect the HPM-Project.com collection, starting with these nine artists and continuing to acquire multiples as the gallery introduces two more artists to the site every month. Fabien Castanier Gallery has made a reputation as L.A.’s setting for urban contemporary artists from Europe (Castanier himself is French), this project is his way of expanding as well as putting urban art within the reach of collector who may not be want to pay $40,000 for a painting. Claire explained:

It’s a whole consistent collection. Paper, size, [30 x 22 in.], and price range [$1,200-$1,600]. It allows us to branch out. We’re going to be able to work with artists we wouldn’t necessarily have a show with. We can reach out to more emerging artists and LA artists.

HPM-Project.com has been about seven months in the making, ever since Parisian artist Rero, during his November 2012 show with Fabien Castanier Gallery, painted in his iconic strike-through style on the Khadi paper. Claire explained:

First was Rero. We saw how much the artist loved it and the collectors loved it… The paper was one factor that motivated the artists to start painting. It’s almost like canvas, so it holds paint well. The other artists saw the paper and were convinced this is the real thing; and the small quantity; and the company they’re going to keep.

For more information on HPM-Project, visit HPM-Project.com.







Collectors Gary Nellis and Yanying (Nana) check out Bojorquez’s hand painted multiple.


LA Freewall’s Daniel Lahoda and Tilt’s Flop Drip


Fabien discusses Speedy Graphito with print enthusiast.


Fabien showing one of Alex Kizu (DEFER)’s hand painted multiples.


Alex Kizu, Chaz Bojorquez, CARTWHEEL’s Cindy Schwarzstein, and Fabien Castanier. The Fabien Castanier Gallery, in conjunction with CARTWHEEL, threw the HPM-Project.com launch at the Daily Dose.


Kizu and Castanier


Top shelf art and top shelf liquor: Castanier and CARTWHEEL’s event had both.





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