Coagula’s Mat Gleason to Teach Art World Bootcamp

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He’s baaaaaack! Mat Gleason is bringing back his Art World Boot Camp, a six week course designed to teach artists what they need to know to do succeed in Los Angeles and beyond. And he certainly has the bona fides (and balls) for it.  Google his name, check him out on CARTWHEEL. Mat, who owns Coagula Curatorial has been negotiating the rocky shores of art, sailing its ebb and flows for thirty years as a critic, publisher, curator, and gallerist. he knows everybody and where they have buried the bodies.  In this class, like his Curator’s College earlier this year, he will pull no punches. Here’s what you can expect:

* Ten Things Art Colleges Don’t Want You to Know.
* The phrase that will get every art dealer to return your phone call.
* The four highest-impact career decisions every artist will make.
* Understanding how ANYONE in the Art World can be put to work for you!…

I tell incriminating stories, pull the curtain back and name names, audio recording is not permitted – you will get the truth about the LA art world, but it is knowledge that will prove valuable in your pursuit of a successful exhibition career.

This is not a class about how to sign a pretty little contract with a gallery and sell a painting to your rich uncle. This is the lay of the land of what you are up against in the art world and how to keep your eyes on the prize. You will not be burdened with a bunch of outdated xeroxes. I taught this class in 2006 – there have been radical changes to the art world since then and these are incorporated into every lesson. This is not a class about how to do everything on our own – Artists who are successfully exhibiting in Los Angeles have lots of people doing the heavy lifting…

The class also includes two OPTIONAL critiques of your art, one arranged with Mat and one with the entire class.

The six week class starts July 20 and is limited to 25 people. It runs every Saturday at Coagula Curatorial through September 14, from 11am to 12:30pm; there is street or lot parking. Early registration, through July 10 is $300, after that $350. For more details email 88gallery at GMAIL dot com with the subject BOOTCAMP.




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