Lightning in Bottle Preview: 3-Delicious ART at LIB!

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If you’re headed to Lightning in a Bottle in Temecula this weekend, be prepared for some mind-bending art installations. Making their LIB debut is the Altervison 3-D Blacklight Experience, a creative wholly immersive environment where the viewer dons Chroma-Depth 3-D glasses and enters a tented environment painted throughout with blacklight reactive decor.

Like surround sound for your eyeballs, this experience will really knock your socks off, especially if they are DayGlo or white! For the most fun, wear something neon–bright fluorescent, or pure white when you enter.  Chroma-Depth technology takes the spectrum of the fluorescent paints they utilize in the exhibit, and reinterprets the colors for our eyes. Depending upon the color frequency, each color jumps out at a different wavelength when wearing these glasses. (The pinks & oranges appear to be way out in front, while the blues and greens recede to the back.) This is why the dragonfly that appears to be just inches from your nose can’t be caught!

Founder and Executive Producer David A. Knudsen (DAK) first created this installation for a Burning Man theme camp in 2006 with a small group of friends. When he was joined by Debi Cable, a well-known local artist as new Creative Director and the featured artist in October of 2010, the whole game was stepped up, and the installation began getting serious recognition as well as some high-paying gigs. (We loved them at the Spring 2013 Brewery Artwalk)

Called by Spin Magazine

One of the 20 Best Things We Saw [at Electric Daisy Carnival]

DAK’s “Best Trip” installation was the newest and biggest space created so far by the A3D team. The 60’ x 60’ structure featured over 20 fantastical blacklight reactive murals, twirling parasols, giant koi carpets, hanging lanterns, and day-glo-ing staffers handing out glasses. This epic installation was seen by approx. 40,000 visitors in the 3-day period of the EDC Las Vegas festival. The LIB installation will likely be smaller but no less dazzling, with new murals and décor specific to this location.

As DAK says:

We have many options to design the ideal experience with whatever we’re given to work with. We love to mix it up, create new environments, and dazzle our visitors with each new production.

Well, prepare to be dazzled folks!  Altervision will be located near the Marketplace at LIB, conveniently located on the way back to your campsite. This exhibit is open from 8pm – 4 AM.

Photos: Dale Youngman



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