Preview, Miami 2013: Miles Regis’ Works at Art of Fusion

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07Miles Regis Night Make Up1024

Artist Muse, the collective that organizes the invitation-only, critically-acclaimed Eye Candy pop-up art exhibitions in Los Angeles, is now teaming up with art producer Flavia Colgan for their debut, Art of Fusion, during Miami Art Week 2013. With special receptions, art exhibitions, a panel discussion, and a live art brunch, the Art of Fusion tent, sponsored by Grey Goose Vodka,  will be a new must-visit along the exciting urban art path that is Miami’s Wynwood Arts District during Art Basel and Miami December Art Fairs.

Art of Fusion combines Artist Muse’s reputation for connecting art with local communities; founder/curator Wil Phearson’s eye for fresh, thought-provoking art; and Colgan’s ability to bring together important figures and audiences. Among Art of Fusion’s luminaries are celebrity DJs and musicians, a celebrity chef, Caribbean Consul Generals, international leaders, educators, and 13 L.A. artists including Miles Regis. Regis will be celebrated on Tuesday, December 3  from 8pm to 11pm, and in keeping with Artist Muse’s commitment to local communities, Art of Fusion is supporting South Florida CARES Mentoring Movement which mentors over 300 students in the South Florida community. Art of Fusion is  providing South Florida CARES with space for an informational booth in the art tent, as well as as access for for students in their program.

Los Angeles artist Miles Regis works on a large scale, producing works as large as twelve feet tall. He is Trinidadian-born and USC-educated, with a variety of uplifting and positive perspectives informing his drip painting and color-splashed work. The artist explains:

My word is ‘healing.’ That summarizes what I’m trying to do. I always say my intent as an artist is to reach everyone in some unique way. My message is always that of unity, love and togetherness. I hope that energy is there in everything that I do.

This exhibition will be Regis’ first time showing in Miami, though he has a significant connection to the city. He said:

I have visited since I was a kid. Most of my childhood friends live in Miami. It’s almost a homecoming of sorts. I’m looking forward to sharing my work with people who are very dear to me.

His oil and latex painting titled Night Make-Up (32 by 22 inches), pictured above, was created with the Miami exhibition in mind. He said:

It’s a very universal piece. It appeals to people in the fine art world, in the pop world, and even kids. When I was adding color, it was like a woman putting on makeup to go out. It’s about putting your best foot forward.

01Miles Regis Smile Dont Step1024

Regis would rather have viewers bring their own experience to Smile Don’t Step, above, than discuss the personal experience that inspired it. He said:

Generally speaking, it’s about knowing that it’s important to be present.

He created the oil and latex painting (54 by 37 inches) in 2011; feeling it to be one of his most powerful works, he has waited for the right time to show publicly. When Artist Muse and Art of Fusion curator Wil Phearson declared this December’s event was the right time to show it, Regis agreed.

02Miles Regis Live Out Loud1024

Above, Live Out Loud, an acrylic painting (34 by 26 inches) also has never been seen in public before this December in Miami. The artist’s message is living life to the fullest. He explained:

Be bold and daring and reaching for full human potential.

05Miles Regis Lip Service1024

Regis explained that his oil and latex painting Lip Service, above (60.5 by 49.5 inches), is another 2011 piece that has never been publicly shown. He said it is a painting that comes from documenting daily experiences on a canvas. Explaining that it’s about speaking truth, he said:

It’s a play on people always saying and promising the thing beyond the thing we should be doing. But it’s definitely male and female. The male figures are behind the females. It’s a tribute to females and my love of the feminine quality.

In addition to works by Miles Regis, Art of Fusion will exhibit works by Ed Clark, Hugo McCloud, Toni Scott, Malcom Andre Davis II, Juan Logan, Nanette Carter, Deborah Dancy, Robert Colescott, Allie McGhee, Vincente Pimentel, Rashid Johnson, Gregory Coates, Leonel Matheu and Duane Paul.

Art of Fusion
Dec. 3-8, 2013

22nd Street NW 2nd Avenue
Wynwood Arts District
Miami, Florida

CARTWHEEL is Art of Fusion’s media partner. We feel this new fair and its founder, Artist Muse, share both CARTWHEEL’s commitment to local communities and our desire to connect artists with art lovers and collectors.  We’re are excited to be a part of their debut during Miami Art Week 2013.


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