Miami 2013 Photoblog: Flaunt Mag Set Up, Parties

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image (16)Behind the scenes shots as Flaunt Magazine preps for their Mana Wynwood extravaganza.  Flaunt publisher Luis Barajas was (below) dancing around during install, clearly excited about the event, which opens today December 5. Meanwhile, Aquan-ettes and Pulsers partied. We’ll be bringing you exclusive coverage throughout the weekend.

 image (24)

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Jihn gheur , beau Dunn, Jamesfay

John Gheur of the digital and creative agency Signature Creative; Beau Dunn, James Faye. Dunne is showing at Aqua.

mat tim

Coagula’s Mat Gleason, Tim Youd. Coagula and Youd are at both Pulse and Aqua. Tim is doing his piece Get Shorty at Aqua. Coagula’s Pulse booth includes the premiere of Tim Youd’s “Retyping ‘Stranger Than Paradise’ ” a video and art installation; and new paintings by Los Angeles artists JonMarc Edwards and Mark Dutcher.

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