Los Angeles Krampusnacht 2013 at the Red Lion in Silverlake

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On December 6th, The League of Steam presented an opportunity to mingle with the benevolent St. Nicolas and his more malevolent holiday-cohort Krampus, the true icon of the evening. This was a rowdy evening with plenty of German food and drink procurable at The Red Lion, and Christmas events like bingo, gift exchanges, and a Toys for Tots donation area for participants.

Krampus, the Dark Yule Lord, continues his reign of chaos in our fair city: On Thursday December 12, the Los Angeles Krampus Troupe will be at the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk, spreading merriment and mayhem, and on December 14, the Krampus themed art show, “Naughty or Nice” opens at Copro Gallery with the Krampus Troupe in attendance.

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While most people have heard of St. Nicholas, the Alpine christmas character who spreads presents and joy for children, Krampus is the bad cop to St. Nicholas’s good cop, with a frightening demonic visage, rushes with which to whip evil-doers, chains to rattle and a¬†generally dour/tongue lolling countenance suitable for his duties.

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