JR’s “The Wrinkles of The City” : Photos of the last chapter in Istanabul

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Many Angelenos are familiar with french artists JR‘s murals from 2011, still seen here in Los Angeles as part of his “The Wrinkles of the City” project, which portrayed elders who had lived through the changes of the city. Two in particular are seen often with Cartwheel Art Tours in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District located at Angel City Brewery and on the 810 East Third Street building (on the opposite side of the building from Shepard Fairey’s Peace Goddess).

With that, we thought it would be interesting to show you a few images of the 15 buildings that JR along with his team, just completed all over Istanbul–a city seen as a link between Europe and Asia, and not far from new conflict zones–after, Cartagena, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Havana and Berlin, as the last chapter of the project,

For the work in Istanbul, the portraits of the elders, represent the changes and upheavals of what they have experienced in their city – especially the secularization of Istanbul after 1924. While, the enlarged portraits also reflect the changes in the architecture of various areas of the city. The pastings were completed in the neighborhoods of Balat, Halac, Eminonu and Beyoglu.

Photos all provided by JR.












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