Cartwheel Art Tours Partners with Art Ambassador Tours for Miami Art Fair Week 2015

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Join Cartwheel Art Tours, the art and community-focused tour company who was recently mentioned in Travel and Leisure as a go-to in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District for art tours, who is partnering with Art Ambassador Tours, on an exclusive and immersive art-oriented  “insider” and intimate tour in Miami during the most exciting and important art-centric international event of the year, Miami Art Week, December 2-6. It is during this time when the international art world descends on this beautiful city to experience the latest in contemporary art.

The #ArtTourMiami2015, “insider” tour, produced by Gwenda Joyce, founder of Art Ambassador Tours, who is bringing her expertise in leading regional and international art tours throughout the Bay Area and cultural meccas of major cities such as Chicago and New Orleans, and in Cuba, has joined in partnership with Cindy Schwarzstein, art consultant and founder of Cartwheel Art Magazine and Cartwheel Art Tours, to provide a unique tour of Miami that will offer intimate and exclusive opportunities to meet artists and curators–in their studios, on the streets and at numerous art fairs,  viewing of international, fine, contemporary and modern art—at art fairs (there are over twenty-two satellite art fairs that occur during this week), galleries, museums, and in a private collectors home. In addition there will be opportunities to enjoy ethnic food and fine dinning experiences! All of this combined creates and experience that could only occur in Miami’s cultural mecca during Miami Art Week, and with our “insiders”!

Cindy, will be contributing to the tour group’s immersive experience through her insider perspective as a longtime attendee of Miami Art Week, strong artist/gallery relationships and knowledge of Urban Contemporary/Street Art, New Contemporary Art and Caribbean Art (her parents owned an art gallery in Jacmel, Haiti that she frequented as a youth), while leading the group through Wynwood Art District and at SCOPE International Art Fair, during two of the four day’s adventures.

Here are more specifics on the itinerary with the two days that Cindy will be leading the tour:

– Miami’s famed Wynwood Art District: This is where hundreds of artists from around the world will be creating at least, forty-five murals. Cindy who is passionate about Urban Contemporary/Street and graffiti art, has knowledge of the art and relationships with many of the artists who will be painting in Wynwood Art District, many of whom have contributed to Los Angeles’ vibrant murals in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, where she regularly provides tours, and beyond.

– SCOPE Art Fair: This is where the group will view the work of over 125 international exhibitors who will be presenting emerging work in the South Miami Beach Pavilion. Cindy has a deep connection with many of the artists and galleries that will be exhibiting which will offer the group a more intimate experience.

The overall itinerary is as follows:

Day 1 – Thursday, December 3
Start the day with a visit to galleries in the Miami gallery district that will help lay the foundation for our Miami art infusion. We will get an understanding of the scene and delve deeper into challenges & successes that artists have in the burgeoning Miami art world. Perched on the edge of the Caribbean and Latin America, Miami has propelled many artists to international recognition.
We will have a group lunch and visit one of the premier private art collections in the world. We will begin our Art Fair experience at Art Basel Miami Beach, the crown jewel of all international art fairs, now in its 14th year.
Dinner nearby on your own.

Day 2 – Friday, December 4
Our 2nd day of touring will take us to the brand new Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), to be toured through the world class Herzog & deMeuron building and the feature exhibition on view by the organizing curator. We will also visit the studio of one of Cuba’s most successful artists on the international scene and visit the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO), Miami’s most outstanding and ambitious private collection of art that focuses on Latin American artists who explore new directions in contemporary practice. We will dine together at a local Caribbean restaurant.

Day 3 – Saturday, December 5
Day 3 gives us entrée to the transformed Design House that is a special project of a Cuban-born Miami architect and gallery owner. From there we will tour through the hottest Art Fairs on the beach, and finish our day at a classy Oceanside restaurant where we can assimilate the wealth of US and international art and culture that has been made available to us.

Day 4 – Sunday, December 6
A morning brunch reception at a private art collection featuring Cuban artists on our final morning of the Miami tour, then we will tour through the astounding street murals created by artists who are invited from around the world for this event. After a visit to a top international art collection, we are leaving the afternoon open to tour through more art fairs in the Wynwood district. You can book your return travel for later in the day.

Accommodations for 4 nights, December 2 – 5 at YVE Miami Hotel
Wifi & Fitness Center access
Transportation around Miami
Meals include the Welcome lunch, ethnic dinner & Farewell dinner
Admission to ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH and selected other art fairs.
Admission to the Perez Museum and CIFO
Private receptions & tours

For full information & registration, visit Art Ambassador Tours.

There will also be free time offered in order to provide additional opportunities for guests to visit other art fairs, relax at the beach while swimming in the warm Miami beach waters or checking out the art deco hotels, well-known in South Beach Miami.

To book a spot on Art Ambassador Art Tours for Miami Art Week (#ArtToursMiami), please visit Art Ambasador Tours, or email

Art Ambassador Tours offers cultural travel to art world destination in the United States and overseas. Led by Gwenda Joyce, the founder of Art Ambassador Art Tours, these world-class adventures offer visits to art and cultural destinations, behind the scenes access to see creativity in action, and inspirational person-to-person contact. More at WWW.AMBASSADORTOURS.COM. Follow at: Facebook: Art Ambassador Tours

Cartwheel Art Tours offers unique perspectives and immersive experiences in art. Food/beverage and history with a focus on supporting artists and artisan businesses in the neighborhoods of art communities we explore including the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District and Laguna Beach in California. More at Follow us at:
Facebook: Cartwheel Art Tours; Instagram: Cartwheel_Art; Twitter: @CartwheelArt


View here is from PULSE Art Fair in Miami. One of the art fairs along the beach in Miami.


Last year Cartwheel Art Tours met up with Swoon and her team while painting at Wynwood Walls.

IMG_6545Thinkspace Gallery 12″x12″ Wall at SCOPE that features many of Cartwheel Art’s favorite artist’s.

IMG_6665Cartwheel Art Tours met up with artist Shrine last year in a booth at SCOPE that was displaying an installation of his work.


Connecting with the artists/fellow art enthusiasts at the art fairs while viewing the art.


Studio Visit with artist Carlos Luna is on the itinerary. Photo from Phillip Frost Art Museum.


Mural by Kenny Scharf at Wynwood Walls in Wynwood Arts District will be seen on this years tour.


Looking up at the sky in the evening is a wonderful way to wind day after a day of exploration!


Work from Art Basel. Photo provided by Art Basel.

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