Save the Date: “A Display of Panic at a Moment of Absolute Ceranity” by Nick Waplington at These Days – April 2nd

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THESE DAYS and Thomas Solomon Art Advisory, will be presenting A Display of Panic at a Moment of Absolute Certainty, an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Nick Waplington.

The opening reception will be on Saturday April 2nd from 6pm-9pm and the show will run until Sunday May 8th.

Over the last thirty years Waplington has developed an extensive body of work marked by eclecticism and juxtaposition. While best known as a photographer, Waplington also works extensively with painting, video, computer-generated imagery, sculpture, and found material.

Throughout, his work has sought to represent the beauty in the chaos of the everyday, from the domestic (Living Room, 1991) to the natural (Other Edens, 1993), to the cultural (Safety in Numbers 1996), to the political (Settlement, 2014). His work has been most recently exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, the Tate Modern, and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art; in 2015, Waplington was the first living British artist to have a solo photography show in the main galleries at The Tate, London.

Over the past year Waplington has been living in Los Angeles, devoting his art practice entirely to painting and drawing. This show features a number of large semi-abstract canvases rendering the city’s urban psycho-geography as well as its light and landscape. Once again, his work explores themes of chaos and volatility on a number of levels; in these paintings, Waplington evokes the constantly changing light and weather of Southern California in a time of climate instability, the city’s fragile existence on the edge of the San Andreas fault, and the desperate existence of the many men and women living precarious lives on the fringes of Los Angeles’s prosperity.

SPECIAL NOTE FROM CARTWHEEL ART TOURS: Cartwheel Art Tours has created an immersive BrtiWeek tour, as a bus adventure, to include THESE DAYS, as one of the stops to tie-in Mark Waplington, who is a UK artist. The tour is on Saturday March 7th from 1pm-6pm.
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THESE DAYS is located on the second floor of 118 Winston Street in Downtown Los Angeles and is open Thursday – Sunday.

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