Cartwheel Art Tours Coverage: Neighborhood Explorations in Koreatown, with Cartwheel Art Tours Host – Austin Wilkin

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Koreatown: 100 Years of History at a Glance”

On Thursday November 17th, Documentary filmmaker, archivist, and transplant gone native, Austin Wilkin, led attendees for the Airbnb Open – Los Angeles, with Neighborhood Explorations in Koreatown, as part of programming, curated and produced by Cartwheel Art Tours founder, Cindy Schwarzstein.

The exploration provided guests an adventure through time as they explored the history and modern wonders of Los Angeles’ ever-evolving and richly diverse neighborhood of Koreatown.

As Los Angeles came of age in the early 20th century, and so much of its unique history can be found in Austin’s very own neighborhood of Koreatown, this was a special and unique immersive experience . His Neighborhood Exploration included the site of the former Ambassador Hotel, home to movie stars and international dignitaries alike, and the Gaylord Apartments (named for Henry Gaylord Wilshire, for whom the boulevard is also named) representing the post-victorian-era boom that occurred as Los Angeles doubled it’s population every ten years for nearly half a century (except the one decade when it tripled).

Guests also learned about Koreatown’s historical renaissance as the explored how the old is becoming restored and repurposed, rather than removed.

Austin’s Neighborhood Explorations highlighted that here are but a few neighborhoods in Los Angeles where the past one hundred years of history can be seen all at once. He showed the group visual and historical treasures that are missed in the blink of an eye when driving, but are savored when walking in this often mis-understood metropolis. Included were the Chapman Market to the fully resorted Normandie Hotel to famous Chef Roy Choi’s latest contribution to contemporary Koreatown, the Line Hotel, with it’s multiple restaurants and bars including a1980s-themed bar with karaoke and a secret entrance.

It was through Austin’s Neighborhood Exploration where he showed the group how a bit of historical context can make this city-within-a-city come alive.

Contact Cindy, to have her create an immersive Neighborhood Exploration in Koreatown, with Austin, for your group or organization.

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