Cartwheel Art Tours Coverage: Airbnb Open – 35 Neighborhood Explorations in Los Angeles, Curated and Produced by Cartwheel Art Tours Founder, Cindy Schwarzstein

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On Thursday November 17th, Cartwheel Art Tours provided programming for the Airbnb Open – Los Angeles, with 35 Neighborhood Explorations, curated and produced by Cartwheel Art Tours founder, Cindy Schwarzstein.

The Neighborhood Explorations were designed by Cartwheel Art Tours as an opportunity for the 7,000 attendees of the Airbnb Open, to immerse themselves in the cultural diversity found throughout the neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

The main objective of Cindy Schwarstein’s curation for the Cartwheel Art Tours Neighborhood Explorations, was to highlight through the perspectives of “Insiders,” who are deeply connected to their neighborhoods, including in Downtown — the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, Chinatown, Historic Core and Financial District, as well as in Echo Park, Lincoln Heights, Silverlake, Los Feliz, Koreatown, Hancock Park, Hollywood, Pasadena, Pico-Union and Venice Beach. All neighborhoods that Cartwheel Art Tours regularly leads immersive tour experiences.

Below are a few photos from each of the 35 Neighborhood Explorations that occurred from 12pm -4pm, as back-to-back Explorations, along with the itineraries that the hosts of Cartwheel Art Tours, provided during the Airbnb Open – Los Angeles.

Note: The Cartwheel Art Tours Neighborhood Explorations coverage is organized alphabetically, as the first name of the Cartwheel Art Tours host.

Contact Cindy to have her organize a unique and immersive neighborhood experience, with the Cartwheel Art Tours Hosts listed below, for your private group or organization.

Adam Ayala – Neighborhood Explorations in Echo Park, with Cartwheel Art Tours: 

“Animal Alley: Urban Art Exploration in Echo Park”

Smile South Central founder, and Cartwheel Art Tours host, Adam Ayala took groups on a tour of “Animal Alley,” a series of animal inspired murals in the neighborhood of Echo Park.

Adam has led community beautification projects in the Los Angeles area, specifically in South Central Los Angeles, and has begun the preliminary steps towards creating a global community of artists through his personal project SmileSouthCentral. Because of his graffiti and street art knowledge, he has worked with many of the participating artists of “Animal Alley.”

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12pm Group

adams-tour-img_81112pm Group

Alissa Walker – Neighborhood Explorations in Silverlake, with Cartwheel Art Tours:

Silver Lake Staircases

Curbed urbanism editor, pedestrian advocate and Cartwheel Art Tours host, Alissa Walker, led groups on an exploration in Silverlake, one of LA’s most colorful neighborhoods the way locals do—on foot.

Highlighting the Neighborhood Exploration included exploring secret staircases and hillside homes in this creative community along with checking out architecturally significant addresses, climbing to LA’s most stunning vistas, and learning how Silver Lake originally became famous—as a backdrop for the first motion pictures.

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Andrea LaHue – Neighborhood Explorations in Hollywood, with Cartwheel Art Tours:

Random Act on Melrose”

Andrea LaHue, aka Random Act, known for her 250+ giant botanicals across America, was the Cartwheel Art Tours host for a colorful, in-depth Melrose exploration of local art, history and know-how in the LA street art world.

During Andrea’s Neighborhood Explorations,  groups were led on an immersive scavenger hunt, as they explored the ever-changing artworks in the streets and alleyways of LA’s Street Art–at the epicenter, where trendy meets fashion, like an artist – with a curious heart. Alongside, of the street art, guests discovered the flourishing trends and fashion staples in the stores, beloved thrift shops and cafés along the way.

With Andrea, who is also a City Host, known as The Unassuming Street Artist”, colorful murals and small stencils were experienced as well as architecturally notable buildings and inspired storefronts where guests too part enjoying the crazy and quirky, as it commingles with the deliciously contemporary.

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 Austin Wilkin – Neighborhood Explorations in Koreatown:

Koreatown: 100 Years of History at a Glance”

Documentary filmmaker, archivist, and transplant gone native, as well as Cartwheel Art Tours host, Austin Wilkin, led groups on an  exploration that provided guests an adventure through time as they explored the history and modern wonders of Los Angeles’ ever-evolving and richly diverse neighborhood of Koreatown.

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2pm Group


4pm Group

 Cristina Kelley – Neighborhood Explorations in the DTLA Arts District with Cartwheel Art Tours:

“A Wellness Adventure in the DTLA Arts District”

L.A. native and health insider Christina Luna, as well as Cartwheel Art Tours host, led groups from Airbnb Open – Los Angeles, for a lifestyle and wellness immersive exploration in the south end of the city’s up and coming Downtown Los Angeles Arts District.

Cristina who has been keeping L.A. bodies fit and functional, as a Pilates instructor and healer, for over 15 years, included in the wellness experience a visit to The Bridge Mind Body Movement studio, where guests participated in a combination class of Pilates Springboard and Suspended Aerial Yoga, while being guided through a series of movements that were both demanding and energizing, as well as leading a tour at The Springs, a hub for urban wellness and relaxation. The experience ended at Cristina’s private loft, located in an adaptive reuse building – originally built as an old 1890 furniture warehouse. where they were offered, Mothership’s holistic vegan treats, as a parting gift,

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Cindy Schwarzstein – Neighborhood Explorations in DTLA Arts District:

“The DTLA Arts District: Past, Present and Future”

Cindy Schwarzstein, Cartwheel Art Tours founder, who is also an Airbnb Super Host and an Airbnb Experience Host, known as the “Street Art Steward,” provided Neighborhood Explorations in the Downtown Los Angles Arts District.

Cindy, who, is deeply connected to the art community as the publisher of Cartwheel Art Magazine, and with the neighborhood, as a resident and a board member of the neighborhood council, as well as being a committee member of the Land Use and Urban Planning Committee, offered to guests her insider knowledge and special behind-the-scenes access, to some of her favorite hang-outs in the north area of the Arts District. Included were Art Share L.A and Hauser, Wirth & Schimmel, among others.

While on her Neighborhood Explorations, she introduced guests to a few artists and makers, who are a part of the art-centric and rapidly changing neighborhood. These introductions offered the opportunity for guests to learn about the past, present and future of this unique neighborhood–once a gritty section filled with disused warehouses, train tracks and manufacturing plants.

Highlights included meeting graffiti writer and muralist, Mr. Trixter in the UTI Crew Hall of Fame Yard, and sculpture artist David Hollen, along with his husband Frank Theobold, who opened their studio and live/work space to the guests of the Neighborhood Exploration. Also included as part of the experience, was meeting Erin Connors, Communication Director of  Hauser, With and Schimmel, who provided a tour to the group, of the largest art center on the west coast.

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2pm Group with Mr. Trixter in the UTI Crew Hall of Fame Yard


2pm Group at David Hollen’s studio


2pm group at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel


4pm group with Mr. Trixter in the UTI Crew Hall of Fame Yard


4pm group at David Hollen’s studio


4pm group at Hauser, Wirth & Schimmel

Clinton Bopp: Neighborhood Explorations in Venice Beach:

“Murals and Artist Studio ‘Bopping’ in Venice Beach”

Clinton Bopp, a painter, muralist, stone/wood carver, sculptor, designer, set designer, restorer and teacher, as well as Cartwheel Art Tours host, led groups for his Neighborhood Explorations in his neighborhood of Venice Beach.

Clinton showed the group murals around Venice that he’s been curating and painting as collaborations with local and international street artists including Ralph Ziman (aka Afrika 47), Crisp, Duncan and Raphael Grischa. There was also a  stroll along one of LA’s hottest streets in Venice beach “Abbot Kinney” which has some of the finest restaurants, unique art galleries (including C.A.V.E. Gallery, a favorite gallery of Cartwheel Art Tours, featuring the artwork of urban contemporary and street artists), prestigious wine shops and exciting nightlife, that’s evolved from a historical destination, to a place that has become a gathering place for west side residents and visitors.

Guests also walked through more alleys and main streets, to explore while learning from Clinton about the works of international and local artist who painted murals in the area. The final stop was at the private artist studio of Ralph Ziman, where Clinton who collaborates often with Ralph, described their work together, while showing Ralph’s studio and his very unique work for “Ghosts South Africa,” “Ghosts Ethiopia,” and the “Resistance Project”.

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clinton-bopp-img_7966 clinton-bopp-img_7967

Cody Bayne – Neighborhood Explorations in DTLA:

“LA – Then, Now & Forever”

Cody Bayne, a Cartwheel Art Tours host and an Airbnb City Host, known as The Neo-Urban Expressionist, introduced groups during his Neighborhood Explorations with Cartwheel Art Tours, to some of his favorite gems in Downtown Los Angeles, while providing the opportunity guests to connect the dots of LA history and it’s current Urban Core rebirth.

His exploration began at G & B Coffee, where guests enjoyed a coffee creation sampling, made especially for the group, while taking in the exciting reborn Grand Central Market. The first stop on the walking exploration was the landmark Bradbury building which many recognized as the filming location for countless movies and videos, including the film “The Artist” and “Bladerunner. Other stops on Cody’s exploration included Grand Park, City Hall and Biddy Mason Park.  The highlight of leading the neighborhood exploration for Cody was Biddy Mason Park as it showed for him that Los Angeles wasn’t just built on the back of gold miners, oil barons & movie stars but on the shoulders of really amazing people, that sometimes get lost in history. He explained to the group that this was the case with Bridget “Biddy” Mason who was a freed slave, an African-American nurse, a Los Angeles real estate entrepreneur and philanthropist, along with being the founder of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles.

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Dale Youngman – Neighborhood Explorations in DTLA:

“Inside the Art World”

Independent Art Curator and Fine Art Dealer Dale Youngman, who is also a Cartwheel Art Tours host, led guests of the Airbnb Open – Los Angles on Neighborhood Explorations, behind the scenes of the art world in the heart of bustling Downtown Los Angeles.

As a former Gallery Owner, who knows the artists and gallery owners that make this area one of the most interesting and vibrant art scenes in the country, Dale led groups inside some of the private artist studios of two of the neighborhoods most successful artists. She also showed them their workplaces, while they watched a demo and heard their stories, that offered the opportunity to learn a bit about the techniques and inspirations behind the featured artists fine art.

The exploration began with Clara Berta at Berta Art Studio Gallery, an award-winning artist of Hungarian descent, who creates, teaches and exhibits her abstract mixed-media paintings in her sunny Downtown loft. From there the group went down the street to visit Michael Hayden, whose large-scale encaustic paintings grace the homes of many famous celebrities. At Michael Hayden’s private studio (which is never open to the public!), the groups watched during a demonstration, his modern application of the ancient technique of encaustic painting with melted beeswax.

The last stop was at the newly re-located Ren Gallery, a gorgeous 2500 sq. ft space tucked away in the inner courtyard of the Santee Court Lofts community. The gallery, owned by Renee Warren, specializes in pop, street and abstract art from emerging and mid-career Los Angeles based artists. It was at this final stop that guests discovered a very eclectic collection of wall art, sculptural works, custom furniture and limited edition prints and books.

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Dan Levy – Neighborhood Explorations in Venice Beach:

“Dogtown: An Underground Exploration”

Dan Levy, features editor and ad sales director of Juice Magazine, a skateboarding, music, and surfing magazine with 23 years in print, as a Cartwheel Art Tours host, led guests of the Airbnb Open – Los Angeles, on Neighborhood Explorations in Venice Beach. His explorations took the group on an unadulterated walk through skateboarding and surfing culture from the place where it all began–Venice Beach.

The explorations began with a rare inside look into Juice Magazine headquarters located on the world famous Venice Boardwalk. It was here where Dan led the group through a brief history of Venice beach culture and met legendary surfer Jeff Ho, who painted t-shirts for the group, before heading out into the street’s, where guests explored legendary and iconic places in history and learned about the impacts they had on culture.

The skatepark was a focal point of the exploration where Dan provided an inside look into how the park came to be a reality along with design elements and future olympic plans for the location.

At the end of the exploration, all guests received a complimentary copy of Juice Magazine, and many stayed at the headquarters after the explorations, hanging with Jeff Ho and fellow Airbnb travelers!

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Deborah Vanakin – Neighborhood Explorations in DTLA:

“Media, Arts and a Changing Downtown L.A.”

Deborah Vanakin, Arts & Culture writer for the LA Times, who was a Cartwheel Art Tours host, led Neighborhood Explorations to guests of the Airbnb Open-Los Angeles, in Downtown Los Angeles, covering The Grand Avenue Corridor and its immediate surroundings–a hub of media, civic engines and arts and culture.

Stops on Deborah’s Neighborhood Explorations, included viewing the historic LA Times building, that sits across from City Hall and the Federal courthouse, along with Disney Hall, the Music Center, the Broad Museum, Colburn Dance School and the Museum of Contemporary Art that are all within one block, and covered by Deborah in her writing for the LA Times.

Deborah showed on her Neighborhood Explorations, how this small-but-bustling pocket of the city is brimming with arts history dating back to mid-’50s and the development of the Music Center’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, where the LA Opera now performs; is also a dynamic area that for the past several years, has been in the throes of transition — most recently with the addition of the new Broad museum.

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Erin Penner – Neighborhood Explorations in Los Feliz:

From Movie Scenes to Banana Creams: Your Day As a Los Feliz Local”

LA local, former Bostonian and Airbnb home host, as well as Cartwheel Art Tours host, Erin Penner, led Neighborhood Explorations with Cartwheel Art Tours, on the ins-and-outs of Los Feliz, from a local’s point of view, for guests of the Airbnb Open – Los Angeles.

Erin, who adores every part of her Los Feliz neighborhood, shared her local watering hole, owned by the stars of Swingers (who still perform there every week!), the Manson Murder sites, the grandiose historical homes of Los Angeles, built by Frank Lloyd Wright, and much more, including tasting pie at the booth in the House of Pies, where Quentin Tarantino wrote Reservoir Dogs.

It was a fun and easy (yet thorough!) walk through Los Feliz Village, and a great opportunity for visitors and locals to get to know the local businesses, meet business owners, and hear the stories behind everything that was seen from Vermont Avenue and beyond,  through the perspective of Erin, an elected official on the Hollywood United Neighborhood Council.

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2pm Group


2pm Group at The House of Pies

Jason Ostro – Neighborhood Explorations in Historic Filipinotown:

Blight to Bright in the Gabba Arts District

Jason Ostro, curator and creator of the Gabba Arts District, a neighborhood beautification project in Historic Filiponotown (bordering on Echo Park), that recently received an award from the City of Los Angeles, and a neighborhood regularly explored with Cartwheel Art Tours, led groups as a Cartwheel Art Tours host, on Neighborhood Explorations, on Thursday November 17th, for the Airbnb Open – Los Angeles.

Jason guided the group through his Gabba Arts District neighborhood beautification project, that includes over 100+ murals canvassing the alleyways, stairways, dumpsters, gated fences and garage doors–all painted by international and Los Angeles artists, while hearing stories of the transformation from blighted alleys to a unique up and coming world renowned outdoor gallery.

After exploring the alleys, Jason who is also the gallery director, owner, and curator, of the Gabba Gallery, located in the Gabba Arts District, offered a walkthrough of  his gallery, where guests discovered their biggest and most fun art shows of the year titled “Wishlist”, a holiday cash and carry art show.

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Jay Kantor – Neighborhood Explorations in Venice Beach:

Alleys and Canals: Venice’s Hidden Gems

Jay Kantor of Kung Fu Breakfast, who is one of L.A.’s premiere location photographers, and a Cartwheel Art Tours host, led groups for the Airbnb Open on Thursday November 17th’s, Neighborhood Explorations with Cartwheel Art Tours, in his favorite Los Angeles neighborhood — Venice, which he consider’s L.A.’s hidden jewel.

Adventuring with Jay provided a chance for guests to experience some of LA’s rich historical culture along the Venice Canals, as well as the Venice Boardwalk, where some of Los Angeles’ best street art can be found.

While Jay took the group on a walking journey, he spoke about the elements of a gorgeous photo and guests learned about light, composition, mise en scène, as well as the historical background of Venice’s unique art and culture.

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Photo by Jay Kantor


Photo by Jay Kantor


Photo by Jay Kantor


Photo by Jay Kantor

Jeff Honig – Neighborhood Explorations in Hollywood: 

Jeff Honig a twenty-year local of West Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills, led groups as a Cartwheel Art Tours host, on Neighborhood Explorations of historic Hollywood Boulevard, during the Airbnb Open – Los Angeles on Thursday November 17th.

Jeff, who is also an award winning real estate agent that’s been in the business for twenty years, shared some insider tips on developments and real state trends in Hollywood, as well as pointing out murals, stars, significant and historical places of interest in the Hollywood film industry, and also where Hollywood night-life occurs, as well as much more, in one of his favorite areas in Los Angeles–Hollywood!

Included were stops at Crossroads of the World, Walk of the Stars, Mann’s Chinese Theater, Egyptian Theater, and more!

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Jonathan Cirlan (aka ESPY DPT ZNC): Neighborhood Explorations in Pico Union 

Graffiti & Street Art: ktownwallz_project, in Pico-Union

Jonathan Cirlin, aka ESPY DPT ZNC, an artist, muralist, and Airbnb home host, as well as a Cartwheel Art Tours host, led groups on Neighborhood Explorations with Cartwheel Art Tours, to explore a small section of his neighborhood, that’s located in a family area of Pico-Union, bordering Koreatown.

Guests on Jonathan’s Neighborhood Explorations, saw a section of Pico-Union, where a variety of older craftsman homes and buildings are located, that offer an architecturally diverse, as well as authentic Los Angeles neighborhood. However, it was the graffiti and street art located in the alleys behind his home, which was highlighted for guests in what really brings this neighborhood alive! Guests learned that the street art is part of a neighborhood beautification project that Jonathan has been curating–while also painting many of the murals himself. He shared with the group that the project which consists of over 200 legal walls, that he’s named ktownwallz_project,  have been painted by international and local artists.

While walking through the project alleys Jonathan, shared his perspective on the graffiti and street art culture, as well as describing how he works with neighbors and business owners, who donate their walls for the project, in order to create a safer, and cleaner community environment. There was also an opportunity for guests to actually experience painting a mural with him during their time together.

When guests left they could feel how proud Jonathan is to be contributing artistically to the neighborhood, and recognized it’s what connects him so deeply to this area of Pico-Union in Los Angeles.

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Jules Muck: Neighborhood Explorations in Venice Beach:

“Muck Murals in Venice Beach”

On Thursday November 17th, guests of the Airbnb Open, roamed the alleys and streets of colorful Venice Beach, on Cartwheel Art Tours Neighborhood Explorations, with local artist and Cartwheel Art Tours host, Jules Muck.

Street Artist Jules Muck, who is most well known for her murals and graffiti work, often emphasizing use of the color green, began the adventure for the groups at her studio, where guest’s learned about about her background with painting graffiti in Europe and Greece, as well as Manhattan, where Lady Pink offered her an apprenticeship.

Highlights included her taking guests on a stroll to explore some of the over twenty murals she’s painted in Venice Beach, including in an alley by Abbot Kinney.

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Photo by @hetalbot, provided by Jules Muck

Lee Joseph – Neighborhood Explorations in Los Feliz:

The Kitschy Culture of Los Feliz Village”

Musician, publicist and indie label mogul Lee Joseph, as well as a Cartwheel Art Tours host, led Neighborhood Explorations of Los Angeles’ legendary Los Feliz Village on Thursday November 17th for the Airbnb Open – Los Angeles.

Lee showed the neighborhood of Los Feliz that’s nestled between East Hollywood and Silver Lake, which is tight-knit historic neighborhood firmly entrenched in Los Angeles kitsch culture!

During the neighborhood explorations, the groups learned about the hotspots for lounge music, vintage clothing, Lowbrow art, Tiki Culture and discovered a barber shop that made guests feel like they were in a mid-century time warp with Lee, who has been immersed in retro-culture for decades and had personal ties to all the stops on the neighborhood explorations.

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 Lisa Derrick – Neighborhood Explorations in Chinatown:

L.A,’s Chinatown, Gateway to the New West”

Los Angeles-born underground socialite  and Cartwheel Art Tours host, Lisa Derrick, led guests of the Airbnb Open on Neighborhood Explorations, for multi-cultural adventures through one of Los Angeles’ most storied and historic neighborhoods, Chinatown, gateway to the New West. It was through Lisa’s extensive knowledge of the area’s galleries, shops and restaurants, that guest’s were connected to Chinatown.

Derrick, a journalist, artist, curator, filmmaker and web TV on-air personality, who spent her childhood weekends in Chinatown rummaging through antique stores with her family, and her teens at the punk clubs, Madame Wong’s and the Hong King Cafe (which once drew musicians from all over the Southland to Chinatown), showed her perspective of Chinatown.

As a curator, who has presented art shows at galleries on Chung King Road and Homeboy Industries, both stops on the Neighborhood Explorations guests immersed themselves in the cultural experience. There was also a rest at Chinatown’s acclaimed wine shop, Ling’s Market where complimentary local snacks and non-alcoholic refreshments were served.

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Matt Kennedy – Neighborhood Explorations in Los Feliz:

Pop Surrealism: The History of California Post-Contemporary Art”

Matt Kennedy, the director of the world famous La Luz de Jesus Gallery (the birthplace of Pop Surrealism), the host of Pod Sequentialism on iTunes, and a respected art curator, and publisher, as well as Cartwheel Art Tours host, led groups on Neighborhood Explorations with Cartwheel Art Tours on Thursday November 17th for the Airbnb Open – Los Angeles.

With Matt, a City Host, who has personally launched the art careers of hundreds of contemporary artists, and is one of the world’s foremost authorities on lowbrow and comic book art, guests learned about the history of California Art, at the birthplace of the Pop Surrealism movement– Wacko! They also discussed the changing attitudes regarding Murals and Graffiti. Lastly, they took a brief walk to the World Heritage site Hollyhock House by Frank Lloyd Wright where there were views of the Hollywood Sign– perfect for souvenir selfies of our experience together.

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Michael Torquato deNicola- Neighborhood Explorations in DTLA:

Surf, Art, Life’: Dive into the World where Surf meets Art, along the East Bank of the LA River

World traveling, award winning surfer, artist and filmmaker Michael Torquato deNicola and Cartwheel Art Tours host, guided groups as Neighborhood Explorations, with Cartwheel Art Tours, in his unique Downtown Los Angeles studio loft, during the Airbnb Open on Thursday November 17th.

Located adjacent to the railroad tracks along the East bank of the Los Angeles River, guests enjoyed Torquato’s studio which is alive with color, energy and motion. It’s here where hand painted surfboards, canvases, doors and a 1500 square foot floor painted as a reminder of the reefs of Northern Sumatra fill his creative space.

Guests heard stories of Torquato’s travels, adventure and unique art making process depicting the intersection where Surf meets Art, over surfer snacks of chips, salsa and beverages. They also received a sneak peek at some of the work that will be part of his exhibition opening next week: “Rolling Waves to Rolling Trains” at B&B&Co. Gallery, which is located close to the DTLA Arts District.

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Michelle Homami – Neighborhood Explorations in Mid-Wilshire:

“Treasures of Public Art and LA History in the Miracle Mile District”

Michelle Homami, a true born & raised Los Angeles native and Airbnb traveler, as well as being a contributor for Cartwheel Art Magazine and Cartwheel Art Tours host, has had the joy of living in the Miracle Mile District for the past 3.5 years. It was there where she led groups for the Airbnb Open Neighborhood Explorations. .

Through Michelle’s knowledge on the ever-growing public art scene of Los Angeles, she led groups on Neighborhood Explorations in Mid-Wishire, while discussing the historical developments that gave the ‘Miracle Mile’ its infamous name in the 1920’s.

On Michelle’s Neighborhood Explorations, guests checked out the iconic outdoor sculptures and installations throughout Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s courtyard and gardens, including Chris Burden’s famous light sculptures., They also stood in the same place ice age animals once lived and breathed at the La Brea Tar Pits. In addition they viewed an original segment of the Berlin Wall, and checked out the quirky Craft & Folk Art Museum, as well as admiring the shiny architectural curves of the newly renovated Peterson Automotive Museum.

The Neighborhood Explorations which offered the opportunity to take in the original art deco design of the streets and buildings on Museum Row, ended at an iconic coffee shop, which had been turned into a presidential campaign office during the 2016 elections.

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Miller Duvall – Neighborhood Explorations in DTLA Arts District:

“Deliciously Made In Los Angeles”

 Miller Duvall, president of craft distillery The Spirit Guild, and host for Cartwheel Art Tours, led guests on a tasty and informative journey though the southern end of Los Angeles’ Arts District. During the Neighborhood Explorations, Miller introduced guest to the vibrant Downtown Los Angeles Arts District neighborhood that has recently become home to a variety of smaller-scale artisanal food and beverage manufacturers.

The journey begin at the distillery, where in the shadow of a gleaming 250-gallon copper still, guests learned how both the processes of fermentation and distillation are used to create premium gin and vodka.The second stop on the Neighborhood Exploration was Miller’s neighbor, Blue Bottle Coffee, which is the shop that houses their only Southern California roaster. Guests enjoyed a tasting of their coffee. The last stop was at Mast Brothers’ new West Coast chocolate factory, where guests were led on a tour wile tastings their chocolate as the final part of the experience.

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Montana Mills – Neighborhood Explorations in DTLA:

“Pull Ink at the studio of the “Warhol of the West”, Modern Multiples”

Montana Mills, an international art auctioneer and nephew to the legendary artist and printmaker Richard Duardo, of Modern Multiples, a historic fine art print studio, hosted groups as a Cartwheel Art Tours host, on Neighborhood Explorations with Cartwheel Art Tours. Modern Multiples has been a favorite stop as an immersive experience on past tours with Cartwheel Art Tours.

At Modern Multiples, print studio and living private archive, Montana spoke to the groups about the more than 400 artists who have printed with Duardo, including Shepard Fairey, David Hockney, John Van Hamersveld, Carlos Almaraz, Frank Romero, Patsy Valdez, Gronk, “Chaz” Bojorquez, Retna, Blek le Rat, and even the ever-elusive Banksy (just to name a few).

It was also at Modern Multiples. where guests met  master printer Ivan Alpuche who provided a hands-on demo in serigraphy, while assistant printer John Tallacksen and crew answered questions before guests actually got their hands dirty and pulled ink to create their own serigraph.

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Phil Santos – Neighborhood Explorations in Pasadena:

Phil Santos, an Airbnb City Host known as “Landmark Painter,” who has painted many of LA’s hottest and best landmarks, as paintings, including one that was displayed at the famed Getty Center, and Cartwheel Art Tours host, led Neighborhood Explorations in his neighborhood of Pasadena, during the Airbnb Open on Thursday November 17th. It’s in Pasadena, where he showed some of his favorite and iconic locations, many of which he’s painted.

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Reanne Estrada – Neighborhood Explorations in Historic Filipinotown:

“Hidden Hi Fi, Deep Soul”

Reanne Estrada, visual artist, Creative Director of Public Matters and Hidden Hi Fi* High Priestess for an interactive, time-traveling cultural expedition and Cartwheel Art Tours host, led groups for the Airbnb Open on Neighborhood Explorations, through Historic Filipinotown, “Hi Fi” for short. The Neighborhood Explorations were curated and produced by Cartwheel Art Tours founder, Cindy Schwarzstein.

It was on her Neighborhood Explorations, in Historic Filipinotown, known as one of Los Angeles’ most vibrant, under-the-radar neighborhoods, with its hidden charms, history, and personality that that guests became immersed in Reanne’s neighborhood.  They learned what’s “Filipino,” what’s “historic” about it, and how it fits into the multicultural landscape of Los Angeles.

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2pm Group enjoying calamansi juice at Kapistahan Grill


One of the guest’s from 4pm Group in the Jeepney

Robert (aka Dytch 66) and Nona Gomez – Neighborhood Explorations in Hollywood:

“Leap of Faith”

Robert Gomez (aka Dytch 66) with the CBS Crew, and his wife Nona Gomez, both born and raised in Los Angeles and Airbnb City Hosts,  as well as hosts for Cartwheel Art Tours, provided Neighborhood Explorations of Hollywood, in their neighborhood of twenty years during the Airbnb Open. The Neighborhood Explorations were curated and produced by Cartwheel Art Tours founder, Cindy Schwarzstein.

Dytch 66. one of the leading Visual Artists and Muralists of his generation that emerged in the wake of the influence of Graffiti and Street Culture in the 1980’s spoke about his mural work which showcases a mastery of Photo-realism and Three-dimensional art that he creates around the country and abroad. During the neighborhood exploration, Dytch 66 introduced guests to one of his many murals painted in Los Angeles titled “Leap of Faith” while describing the theme of his mural, which is about chasing your dreams and finding your inner strength, to the guests. It was at this mural that he also spoke about the vast amount of style and technique of Graffiti, and how his evolution of his art has changed.

His wife, Nona, who manages Blank Canvas LA, an artist operated company that specializes in murals and custom work representing a diverse client base with producing murals for large corporations, independent businesses, nonprofits, schools and individuals, and Dytch 66,  both shared their rich history of how the area has evolved in the twenty years they have lived in Hollywood.

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Guest in front of mural by Robert Gomez (aka Dytch 66)



Stephen and Jodi Zeigler – Neighborhood Explorations in DTLA:

Walking The Line: Arts & Culture in The Historic Core”

Fourth generation Angelenos, These Days gallery owners and decade long downtown Los Angeles residents, as well as Cartwheel Art Tours Hosts, Stephen & Jodi Zeigler, provided neighborhood explorations of The Historic Core and The Toy District during the Airbnb Open on Thursday November 17th.

It was during Stephen and Jodi’s Neighborhood Explorations, where guests were able to see, smell and hear all the things that make this multi-cultured, multi-socio-economic and multi-faceted area such a fascinating place.

As part of the experience, guests were provided a private walkthrough of These Days, one of the oldest buildings in downtown LA, located on historic Werdin Place. Stephen and Jodi shared stories about the building, which has a rich and storied history that involves the International Labor Defense, the American Communist Party, homeless WW2 veterans, a brothel and a flophouse ran by Sister Sylvia’s Soul Patrol.

With the Zeigler’s, who are an integral part of the local arts scene, and have worked as facilitators in creating many of the large scale murals in the area, guests connected on a deeper level of the neighborhood,  through their perspectives.

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Steve Grody  – Neighborhood Explorations in the DTLA Arts District:

“Arts District and Graffiti Co-Evolution”

The original Arts District east of Alameda started becoming what it is in the late 1970s when artists of various kinds were looking for large cheap space to work and live in. Graffiti writers also looked for out of the way places to leave their mark, so it was natural that those underground cultures became part and parcel of the area. It was a perfect place for Steve Grody, a long-time resident on that street, to document the burgeoning new wave of street art; his photographs were in MOCA’s “Art of the Streets” show in 2011.

With Steve, who co-hosts the graffiti component of the educational and immersive tours with Cartwheel Art Tours, guests of the Airbnb Open, explored two long blocks of the neighborhood to experience a range of creative businesses and graffiti befitting the area’s history.

After meeting in front of the Architecture and Design Museum, one of many gallery spaces moving to the area from other parts of the city, guests’s viewed some of the murals at The Container Yard, an urban renewal project that consists of small and experimental businesses formerly housing an old Japanese ice-cream mocha manufacturer. It’s at The Container Yard, where the first of many murals were seen in a variety of traditional “high-end” graffiti styles and street art approaches that Steve discussed the distinctions.

During the exploration, Steve took guests by his old building that he had a space in from 1986 to 2013 along with a cast of characters that would have made a great sit-com.

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Teale Hatheway – Neighborhood Explorations in DTLA:

“Historical LA: El Pueblo de Los Angeles, Olvera Street & Union Station Exploration, with an Artist and Preservationist”

Fifth generation Angeleno and artist, as well as Cartwheel Art Tours Host, Teale Hatheway led groups from the Airbnb Open on a walking tour of the birthplace of Los Angeles, El Pueblo de Los Ángeles.

While guests were with Teale on Thursday November 17th, they learned about the district, that’s centered on the old plaza and popularly identified as Olvera Street, which was the city’s center under Spanish, Mexican and United States rule through most of the 19th century.

Teale showed the guests the oldest surviving residence in Los Angeles, which immersed them in the Spanish mission system that developed California under European rule as well as beautiful Union Station, the transit hub of LA. Through the Neighborhood Explorations led by Teale, guests experienced the archaeological evidence of dramatically shifting cultural districts in the heart of oldest Los Angeles.

Highlights by Teale, an advocate of historic preservation, was introducing guests to the details of local design history, from Adobe to Art Deco, which inspire her abstract architectural paintings.

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Zahra – Neighborhood Explorations in DTLA:

Guests experienced an inside look into the hidden art and cultural history of LA, through the perspective of  Zahra, a native LA artist muralist, arts activist, and DTLA aficionado, as well as Cartwheel Art Tours Host, during the Neighborhood Explorations, curated and produced by Cartwheel Art Tours.

Zahra showed that historic downtown Los Angeles is an ever-changing landscape during her Neighborhood Explorations. Whether it’s through the writing on the walls, the structures, old bank buildings, Angels Flight, Grand Central Market, she demonstrated how they all tell the story of the past hundred years. She reinforced the stories indicating that these were all places memories have been made through the ages, and that they hold the true essence of the heart of our city.

Zahra’s stories about being a kid who walked through these streets, experimenting with art on the walls, and how it made her feel like she was being transported to another era, and how she still feels that way, only with all the new developments there’s an added glimpse of the future, was a highlight during the neighborhood explorations.

Guests loved time traveling  with Zahra, through the labyrinth of murals, graffiti art, and iconic architectural monuments, of historic downtown Los Angeles. Guests felt that although, many of these places are recognizable, as they’ve been immortalized in film, that there was nothing like seeing them in person.

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