Cartwheel Art Tours Coverage: Neighborhood Explorations in Los Feliz, with Cartwheel Art Tours Host – Lee Joseph

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The Kitschy Culture of Los Feliz Village”

Musician, publicist and indie label mogul Lee Joseph, led Neighborhood Explorations of Los Angeles’ legendary Los Feliz Village on Thursday November 17th, as part of the Neighborhood Explorations, curated and produced by Cartwheel Art Tours founder, Cindy Schwarzstein, for the Airbnb Open – Los Angeles.

Lee showed the neighborhood of Los Feliz that’s nestled between East Hollywood and Silver Lake, which is tight-knit historic neighborhood firmly entrenched in Los Angeles kitsch culture!

During the neighborhood explorations, the groups learned about the hotspots for lounge music, vintage clothing, Lowbrow art, Tiki Culture and discovered a barber shop that made guests feel like they were in a mid-century time warp with Lee, who has been immersed in retro-culture for decades and has personal ties to all the stops on the neighborhood explorations.

The informative neighborhood exploration, featured  the following: The Dresden Room, unchanged since the ‘60s, ground zero for authentic old-school vegas style retro lounge and home of resident combo Marty and Elayne as featured in the movie “Swingers”; Sweeny Todd’s Barber Shop, the vintage 40s Mayberry style barbershop which focuses on precision shaves and haircuts in an old-fashioned space; Ozzie Dots, one of Los Angeles’ best vintage clothing and costume shops; Soap Plant / Wacko / La Luz de Jesus Gallery, the axis of Los Angeles Underground pop-culture, birthplace of the Lowbrow art scene and the most eccentric bookshop and gift-store in America; Tiki Ti, one of the oldest Tiki bars in the world, family run for over 50 years and revered by Tiki aficionados for serving up the most unique Tiki Drinks in the country!

As a bonus, at the end of the Neighborhood Exploration, each guest was given a coupon from Lee’s retro-centric Dionysus Records label!

Contact Cindy to have her organize a unique and immersive experience, with Lee, for your private group or organization.

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