Cartwheel Art Tours Coverage: Neighborhood Explorations in Venice Beach, with Cartwheel Art Tours Host – Dan Levy

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“Dogtown: An Underground Exploration”

Dan Levy, features editor and ad sales director of Juice Magazine, a skateboarding, music, and surfing magazine, with 23 years in print, led guests of the Airbnb Open – Los Angeles, on Neighborhood Explorations in Venice Beach on Thursday November 17th. The Neighborhood Explorations, led by Dan were part of the overall programming, curated and produced by Cartwheel Art Tours founder, Cindy Schwarzstein, for the Airbnb Open – Los Angeles. Dan has been a featured speaker on numerous tours with Cartwheel Art Tours.

Dan’s explorations for the Airbnb Open – Los Angeles, took the groups on an unadulterated walk through skateboarding and surfing culture from the place where it all began–Venice Beach. The explorations began with a rare inside look into Juice Magazine headquarters located on the world famous Venice Boardwalk.

It was at the Juice Magazine Headquarters, where Dan led the group through a brief history of Venice beach culture and met legendary surfer Jeff Ho, who painted t-shirts for the group, before heading out into the street’s where guests explored legendary and iconic places in history and learned about the impacts they had on culture.

The skatepark was a focal point of the exploration where Dan provided an inside look into how the park came to be a reality along with design elements and future olympic plans for the location.

At the end of the exploration, all guests received a complimentary copy of Juice Magazine, and many stayed at the headquarters after the explorations, hanging with Jeff Ho and fellow Airbnb travelers!

Contact Cindy, to have her organize a unique and immersive experience, with Dan, for your private group or organization.

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