Cartwheel Art Tours Coverage: Neighborhood Explorations in Venice Canals, with Cartwheel Art Tours Host – Jay Kantor

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Alleys and Canals: Venice’s Hidden Gems

Jay Kantor of Kung Fu Breakfast, who is one of L.A.’s premiere location photographers, led groups for the Airbnb Open on Thursday November 17th’s, Neighborhood Explorations with Cartwheel Art Tours, in his favorite Los Angeles neighborhood — Venice, which he consider’s L.A.’s hidden jewel.

Adventuring with Jay provided a chance for guests to experience some of LA’s rich historical culture along the Venice Canals, as well as the Venice Boardwalk, where some of Los Angeles’ best street art can be found.

While Jay took the group on a walking journey, he spoke about the elements of a gorgeous photo and guests learned about light, composition, mise en scène, as well as the historical background of Venice’s unique art and culture.

Contact Cindy to have her organize a unique and immersive experience, with Jay, for your private group or organization.

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