Cartwheel Art Tours Coverage: Neighborhood Exploration in DTLA, with Cartwheel Art Tours Host – Zahra

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“Back to the Future LA”

Guests from the Airbnb Open, on Thursday November 17th, experienced an inside look into the hidden art and cultural history of LA, through the perspective of  Zahra, a native LA artist muralist, arts activist, and DTLA aficionado, as well as Cartwheel Art Tours Host, during the Neighborhood Explorations, curated and produced by Cartwheel Art Tours.

Zahra showed that historic downtown Los Angeles is an ever-changing landscape during her Neighborhood Explorations. Whether it’s through the writing on the walls, the structures, old bank buildings, Angels Flight, Grand Central Market, she demonstrated how they all tell the story of the past hundred years. She reinforced the stories indicating that these were all places memories have been made through the ages, and that they hold the true essence of the heart of our city.

Zahra’s stories about being a kid who walked through these streets, experimenting with art on the walls, and how it made her feel like she was being transported to another era, and how she still feels that way, only with all the new developments there’s an added glimpse of the future, was a highlight during the neighborhood explorations.

Guests loved time traveling  with Zahra, through the labyrinth of murals, graffiti art, and iconic architectural monuments, of historic downtown Los Angeles. Guests felt that although, many of these places are recognizable, as they’ve been immortalized in film, that there was nothing like seeing them in person. .

The Neighborhood Exploration ended at  Grand Central Market for a surprise tasting of local fare, where guests shared more stores of their travels and left with a taste of the real LA with Zahra!

Contact Cindy to have her organize a unique and immersive experience, with Zahra, for your private group or organization.

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