Save the Date: “Meet the Artists of the Arts District” with Cartwheel Art Tours – July 15th

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Join Cartwheel Art Tours on Saturday July 15th, from 2:00pm – 3:30pm, for the first in our monthly neighborhood art tour series –  “Meet the Artists of the Arts District.”

During this tour, we’ll meet artists Aise Borne, Anyes Galleani, and David Hollen.

Cartwheel Art Tours founder and resident, Cindy Schwarzstein, who will be leading the tour, will also highlight the street art and graffiti seen along the route, along with pointing out some of her favorite artisan businesses, as featured in Los Angeles Magazine’s latest issue.

The “Meet the Artists of the Arts District” tour has been designed by Cindy,  to coincide with the newly launched Arts District Daze, a monthly event in our neighborhood, hosted by the Los Angeles River Artists and Business Association (LARABA). For more information on all of the highlighted events, this Saturday, check out the Arts District Daze listing.

For the “Meet the Artists of the Arts District” tour, we’ll be meeting at the LARABA booth, at the Arts District Farmers Market. Note, you must RSVP through eventbrite. This is due to the maximum number of guests, that will be permitted for this tour, as we’ll be visiting artists in their homes, and studios. The tour will begin promptly at 2pm.

July’s Featured Artists: 

AISEBORN [“Ace-born”] developed as illustrator, graffiti writer, and fine painter in Los Angeles. His work defies physical boundaries, illuminating the essence of One. Known for his murals, which often include aerosol portraits, adorned with his classic one brush stroke techniques, he creates geometric illusions that propagate at rhythms intrinsic to nature. Captivating enough to stand alone, his circular framework, replicates the ingenuity of world symbols such as the Adinkranhene, Mandala, Flower-of-Life, Dream Catcher, etc.

Through study and practice, he demonstrates the fluid movements of an organism, capturing the morphological process of plant life and the emotional appearance of physiological expressions from the human subject. Foresight with design is fueled by observing the order in which organisms naturally grow while his portraits employ the human form with enriched motifs that radiate the essence of One.

He has installed several murals throughout the Greater Los Angeles including on city streets, in backyards, parking lots, gardens, schools, on root tops, brick walls, sheds, furniture, instruments, bicycles, schools and more. He has contributed to productions at the William Grant Still Arts Center in Los Angeles, the “Life is Beautiful” Festival (2015) in Las Vegas, Nevada and the “Manifest Justice” Exhibit during 2015 in Los Angeles. He has designed murals for community service events with LA Works. His work has been featured at the El Segundo Museum of Art with the Ghetty Museum in 2014, the A+D Architecture and Design Museum in 2016, and the California African American Museum in 2016. He debuted his first solo show “Worth the Weight” during Fall 2016 at the Container Yard in Downtown Los Angeles.

For more information about Aise’s murals, gallery work and illustrations, check out his website. Also follow him on instagram

Mural by Aise Born at The Container Yard

Anyes Galleani is an urban pop artist based in the Los Angeles Arts District.

A former fashion photographer and video director, Anyes, who was born and raised in Italy, has lived in the Arts District since the 90’s, using the streets as backdrops for her photographs and videos. Over the years, she has observed a multitude of street art come and go, becoming particularly fascinated by the way posters and graffiti wore out under the elements.

In 2011, as she was searching for a more organic method than traditional printing for her digital art, Anyes began using mixed media to recreate the look of weathered street art, transforming her images into one-of-a-kind original artwork and receiving a welcome response from collectors and corporate buyers.

For more information about Anyes work, check out her website. Also follow her on instagram.

Anyes Galleani Art Gallery

David Hollen  was born in northeastern Wisconsin and studied art at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Minnesota. He currently lives and works in his sculpture studio in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles, California with his husband Frank Theobald. David’s sculptural work involves fabrication of various ubiquitous materials including wood, steel, stainless steel cable and porcelain castings. David has designed and built art for theater groups, commercial establishments, public spaces and his work is held in the collection of several private collectors. His work has been shown at several Art Museums and Galleries in Southern California.
Artist Statement: My sculpture relies on an architectonic process to solicit a shared psychological landscape. Through fusing materials into, for example, grid structures, I mark the relationship between the natural world, or ‘house,’ we inhabit, and the more sublime sense of ‘home’ human activity that continually seeks to synthesize into a larger sublime gestalt. My process generates questions such as, how does a steel grid, almost militaristic in its rigidity, soften into protection when festooned with scores of hard, black porcelain-cast thorns? Or, how can something as basic as a flexed length of steel cable stand in for the morphogenesis of cellular structures? Through my work, these questions are addressed.
I’ve found that, through skillful manipulation, common materials such as hemp rope, steel wire, and concrete reinforcement rods have the most potential to carry my meaning clearly and without extraneous baggage because of their ubiquitous nature. And when I combine these everyday materials with porcelain into repetitive forms, the results are a series of sculptures ringing with a sturdy yet ethereal presence that delves into the forces of life itself.

For more information about David Hollen, check out his website, and follow him on instagram.

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