Kustom Kulture II: All Star Legends Art Panel Saturday August 24

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Grab your black books and cameras for Kustom Kulture II closing reception and panel this Saturday August 24 at the Huntington Beach Art Center.  Holy flash, legendary tattooist and fine artist Don Ed Hardy, the man who revived and revolutionized personal customization with his tattoo skills will be on the panel! Years ago I had the honor of watching Don work on my lawyer’s full back piece–a woman and a dragon wrapped in an intimate embrace, her open kimono revealing a series of vignette’s from my lawyer’s life; it was profound to see The Master at work, and Don’s fine art is even more gorgeous than his tattoo work. I treasure a Don Ed Hardy postcard from a show he did at La Luz de Jesus decades ago, Los Angeles City Hall as the Virgin of Guadalupe, held up by two cholo cherubs.

Hardy will be joined by that consummate gentleman artist, Robert Williams, whose dry wit and encyclopedic knowledge, coupled with his impeccable sartorial style play both against and with his balls-to-the-wall, pedal-to-metal artwork. Williams, along with panel moderator Greg Escalante (who organized Kustom Kulture II and whose Copro Gallery just celebrated its 20th anniversary) founded Juxtapoz magazine, and Williams’ fine art style crashing into cartoons,  tore a hole into the staid art world and llaunched what we no know as conceptual narrative, low brow, and Pop Surrealism.

Also on the panel, bronze sculptor Jeff Decker known for his Harley sculptures, and Kustom Kulture curators Craig Stecyk and Paul Frank all of whom will be engaging in an intimate discussion of Kustom Kulture, curation and their art. This is a mind-blowing event that cannot be missed!

The panel runs from 6:30-7:30 and the reception with the artists goes until 9pm. Kustom Kulture II is one of the most important shows to happen in Southern California this century (hey even the New York Times took notice!)


paul frnak wendy sherman

Co-curator Paul Frank will be one of the panelists Saturday.


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Artists Suzanne Williams and Robert Williams

feet buggies


Robt Williams hot rod

rick reitveld road queen

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