Preview: TJ Martell Foundation Artworks for the Cure

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The image above by Richard Ehrlich is part the  “Anatomia Digitale” series created by the artist–who is also a physician and surgeon at UCLA–based on digitally altered MRI and CT scans. Combining art and science is his passion, and it so it makes perfect sense that Erlich, described by Santa Monica gallery owner Craig Krull as

one of the best contemporary fine-art photographers in America today,

would be part of the TJ Martell Artworks for the Cure which fills Barker Hanger October 11 through 13 with offbeat, eclectic and irreverent art while funding innovative medical research focused on finding cures for leukemia, cancer and AIDS. And since the  TJ Martell Foundation is the music industry’s number one charity, expect–along with established and brilliant up-and-coming painters, photographers, and mixed media artist–the graphic works of well-known music artists, like Leonard Cohen, Brandon Boyd, Yoko Ono, and John Mellencamp.

Participating galleries include Cynthia Corbett Gallery, Craig Krull Gallery, LAB ART, Duncan Miller Gallery, and Project Gallery, so expect to have your mind blown by street art from around the globe; surf, skate, snowboard art; a display of low-rider cars; a photo exhibit of graffiti art from the Berlin Wall; a screening room showing video art and short films;rock photography and 3-D chalk art.

We’ve got a preview with more of the art and info about the artists below, as well as info about ticket giveaways and discount tickets.

CARTWHEEL and TJ Martell Foundation have two more pairs of tickets, worth $50 a pair, to give away  for Sunday, October 13 at the Artworks for the Cure final day exhibition and auction which will feature music, wine, beer, gourmet food trucks and art ranging from Yoko Ono to Septerhed, Leonard Cohen to Annie Preece, and many other artists we cover like Brandon Boyd, Desire Obtain Cherish, Max Neutra…To win tickets, simply be the first two people to go to the  Artworks for the Cure Facebook page and post that you heard about Artworks for the Cure from their web media  sponsors CARTWHEEL.

And if you’d like to attend Friday’s  VIP artist opening,  tickets can be purchased here at this link; use the code CART at check out and receive at $25 per ticket discount for Friday.


1240366_655322021158453_1729234188_nRolland Berry:

In this piece I am mixing the iconography of Pop Icon Jim Morrison with the bold abstract shapes and lines of a very wet, fast media spray paint. I enjoy doing large works like this because it takes my whole body to get this kind of expression in my work.


1236676_652135071477148_1978940533_nCANTSTOPGOODBOY is a self-taught Malibu based contemporary artist  and muralist.With a meticulous attention to detail, utilizing the mixed media of vintage comics and various other techniques, his work has not gone unnoticed. Collaborations with companies such as Sony, Warner Bros., Atlantic Records, Coachella Music Festival, Converse and TOMS Shoes to name a few, shows you clearly cantstopgoodboy.

Appreciate the Beauty in the Ordinary. Be kind. Persevere.

942284_595859843771338_1143956222_nWith multiple Bachelors degrees in English Literature, Political Science, Economics, and Journalism and Mass Communication, Rohit Gautam is a talented photographer mentored by Magnum Photographer Raghu Rai. Regarding his ”INCREDIBLE INDIA” photograph of street art adjacent to the Indian Institute of Technololgy, New Delhi (IIT-D), he says:
“The Techies”, as we love to call them, are artists on the inside. Always surrounded with circuits and CAD, they also excel at free-hand graffiti!
29029_563228920367764_1633153794_nAlexander D.C.D. is participating:
In my art, as in my life, I examine these issues of duality. To me, everything has an opposite: good and bad, positive and negative, flat paint and gloss paint, control and its loss. My work explores these dualities and challenges the viewer to do so as well.
222720_551705594853430_2132545831_nNamed by  Italian Vogue as one of their favorite artists in the world–a list that included Banksy, Shephard Fairey and Space Invader–Chase has been featured in more than 40 magazines from over 6 countries.
You can follow the TJ Martell Foundation on Facebook, on their Twitter feed @TJMartell, through Instagram with @TJMartellFoundation. For updates and previews of artwork, go to the Artworks for the Cure 2013 Facebook page.

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