Save the Date: \Brit-fluence(d)\, a BritWeek Art Show at The Gabba Gallery – Saturday April 23rd through Saturday May 14

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A group art show, exploring the art of UK x LA emerging and urban artists, and how they’ve been influenced by British Culture, as part of the official programming for BritWeek.

\Brit-fluence(d)\, represents a mix of artists influenced by British Culture. Whether it’s been with music, film, literature, fashion, architecture, philosophy, the automotive industry, or science, Britain has affected us. Through \Brit-fluence(d)\ at The Gabba Gallery, curated by Cindy Schwarzstein, founder of Cartwheel Art Magazine & Cartwheel Art Tours, we, will explore the British influence in Los Angeles through the visual art of a diverse group of artists working in a variety of mediums.

From UK artists, who call LA home, to UK artists who have worked in LA—some of whom have painted murals on our streets including Animal Alley and The Container Yard—to artists living in LA who’ve been influenced by British Culture, \Brit-fluence(d)\ celebrates British Culture in LA.

To further cement this exchange and influence, each artist will include a statement describing how their work personally connects to British culture..

\Brit-fluence(d)\ exhibits pieces ranging in styles, including works with the influence of music: Joey Feldman, Jay Kantor, Stone Larkin, Otto Schade, Robert “Sticky” Shaw, and Xany Rudoff; fashion: Robert “Sticky” Shaw; history: Dr. Paul Koudournais and Lisa Derrick; architecture: Teale Hatheway; pop-culture: Will Blanchard aka Wildcat Will, Literature: Liseth Amaya and Brandon Boyd; art: Nicholas Bonamy: and foklore: Himbad

Artist’s featured in \Brit-fluence(d) group art show, are in alphabetical order, as follows:

Liseth Amaya (UK), Jonny Arnold (UK), Will Blanchard aka Wildcat Will (UK), Nicholas Bonamy (LA), Brandon Boyd (LA) , Lisa Derrick (LA), Joey Feldman (LA), Teale Hatheway (LA), Himbad (UK), Jay Kantor (LA), Dr. Paul Koudournais (LA), Captain Kris (UK), Stone Larkin (LA), Xany Rudoff (LA), Otto Schade (UK), Robert “Sticky” Shaw (LA), Cherrie Strong (UK)

Additionally the following are UK based artist’s who have painted murals in Los Angeles, that will be viewed on the \Brit-fluence(d)\ bus tour on May 8th: Liseth Amaya  in Gabba Arts District, Himbad and Otto Schave in Animal Alley, Captain Kris and Hicks, in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, and Finabarr Notte in DTLA by Indian Alley at 118 Winston.

Programming for \Britfluence(d)\ is as follows:

Saturday April 16th (11:00am-1:30pm): Private Tour Preview: Cartwheel Art Tours and Obscura Society of LA are offering a special Atlas Obscura & World Art Day Tour. This tour will be providing the opportunity for guests to immerse themselves through art in the following way:

– DISCOVER: the work of artists from the UK and LA, who have been influenced by British Culture. The art that will be seen is through a preview for the group art show \Brit-fluence(d)\ (Note: the show does not officially open until April 23rd). There will also be a meet and greet with some of the artists.
– EXPLORE: the Gabba Arts District with curator Jason Ostoro. It’ s here where we will view the over eighty murals that canvas the alleyways, stairways dumpsters, gated fences and garage doors., all painted by international and LA artists
– EXPERIENCE: Historic Filipnotown.
More here.

Saturday April 23rd (7:00pm-11:00pm) Public Opening Reception:  for the group art show \Brit-fluence(d)\, curated by Cartwheel Art founder, Cindy Schwarzstein. In addition there will be three other shows coinciding with the opening of \Brit-fluence(d\) under “The Royal Curation” with curated exhibitions by Jim Daichendt, Mat Gleason and Isabel Rojas-Williams.
More here (insert Cartwheel Art Save the Date post)

Saturday May 7th (1:00pm-6:00pm): Cartwheel art Tours x BritWeek Urban Bus Tour. This tour is providing a really special opportunity to participate on an immersive adventure by bus where we will meet artists and makers that are influenced by UK culture. It’s on this tour where the following will occur:

-DISCOVER: galleries with visual art created by artists from the UK and LA at Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects, These Days at 118 Winston, and The Gabba Gallery. In addition to the murals in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, DTLA at Indian Alley, Echo Park at Subliminal Projects, and Animal Alley, and more.
-EXPLORE: Graffiti with Steve Grody, historian and author of Graffiti LA, who will describe how some LA Cholo gang writers were influenced by old English goth fonts as we view murals along the route.
– EXPERIENCE: Early Grey Tea Pie from The Pie Hole in the DTLA Arts District along with sausage rolls and chips, provided by The Lost Knight, a British Pub.
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Saturday May 7th (6:00pm-9:00pm): Cartwheel Art Magazine x The Gabba Gallery BritWeek Reception. British influenced music, snacks and beverages. More TBA.


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Sneak peek of piece by Dr. Paul Koudounaris


Sneak peek by Robert”Stciky” Shaw (LA)


Sneak peek of John Lennon by Ottos Schade (UK)


 Sneak peek of piece from Captain Kris (UK)


Sneak peek of piece by Himbad (UK)

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