Preview: Art Gathering LA with 6 Gallery/Artist Exhibitions Opens June 2nd-June 5th!

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Pop Surrealism! Lowbrow! Tattoos! Performance! Installation! Film! Punk Rock DJs, Collectibles! Utter coolness!

Art Gathering–the giant indie art fair and tattoo convention aboard the Queen Mary–is going to be huge! On board the venerable ship will be over hundred independent artists hanging on the Kulture Klash walls and showing in booths. Ron English and Chet Zar both have booths dedicated to their art–very appropriate since English will be honored with the Make Your Mark award (along with tattooist Roberto Hernandez) on Saturday June 4; and Chet Zar will be presenting a specially ticketed four-hour session on how to paint a portrait of a monster.

Lowbrow and Pop-Surrealism galleries Gregorio Escalante Gallery, La Luz de Jesus, and Tresor Gallery will be on board the Queen Mary, and Cartwheel Art will be presenting “Dark Progressivism: Mathematica II,” featuring work from Big Sleeps, Amer The Gamer SMT, Tony DeCou, Dr. Eye, Fish, José Alfredo Garcia, Jason Hernandez, Kyle, Susan Logoreci, Petal, Rafael Reyes (Leafar Seyer), Joe “Prime” Reza, and Shandu. Plus there’s a screening of the award winning documentary Dark Progressivism.

During the fair you can catch DJ sets from punk rock and art icons Joe Escalante, Greg Hetson, Jello Biafra and Chris “Coop” Cooper at the Corner of Curiosity stage, which will also feature performances by ballerina Miss Angelina, magician Christopher Wonder, equilibrist Brittany Walsh, and the marionettes of Rasputin. Or wonder outside and browse the dozens of maker and collectible vendor tents. Visit the Range with installations created some of Burning Man’s renown artists, while expanding your mind and imagination.

Plus you can get a tattoo from one of over 200 tattooists from around the world!

The VIP and artist reception is tomorrow. June 2, and the $100 VIP admission includes a weekend pass for the run of fair. Weekend and one-day tickets are also available, for $60 and $25 respectively. Children 16 and under are free with adult admission (You must be over 18 with ID to get tattooed).

For tickets, click here.

See more below for details about the gallery exhibitions with installation and preview images:

1) Cartwheel Art Presents: “Dark Progressivism: Mathematica II”

Rodrigo Ribera d’Ebre, writer and director of the film Dark Progressivism, and Lisa Derrick, Cartwheel Art editorial director and associate producer of the film Dark Progressivism, are curating a group show, “Dark Progressivism: Mathematica II,” presented by Cartwheel Art. The exhibition features the following artists: Pavel Acevedo, Amer the Gamer SMT, Tony DeCou, Dr. Eye, Fishe, Jose Alfredo Garcia, Jesse Hazelip, Jason Hernandez, Kyle, Susan Logoreci, Petal, Rafael Reyes (Leafar Seyer), José “Prime” Reza, and Shandu. The curatorial statement reads:

“Dark Progressivism: Mathematica II” is an exhibition that pays homage to the original “Mathematica” exhibition done in 1961 by Ray and Charles Eames at the California Museum of Science and Industry. The contribution of “Dark Progressivism: Mathematica II” is to add to the national discourse of the importance of numbers, numeric symbolism, and mathematics in contemporary art. Participating artists have been asked to contribute works that convey such dialogue within the context of their existing work. Many artists in “Dark Progressivism: Mathematica II” have incorporated this dimensional concept in order to analyze or to give arcane meaning to the universe, as a way of challenging perception and acceptance of patterns and structures. This exhibition demonstrates the numeric explanation and its relation to writing, language, and other figurative concepts, all while demonstrating a harmonious order. “Dark Progressivism: Mathematica II” is also a way to communicate the infinite possibilities of art and the way it is received.

Facebook Invite here

Special note: There will be a screening of the award winning film, Dark Progressivism, on Saturday June 4th at 8pm.  Cartwheel Art is proud to be a sponsor. More can be found here on the Dark Progressivism website.

More about Cartwheel Art: Cartwheel Art, based in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District operates Cartwheel Art Magazine, Cartwheel Art Services and Cartwheel Art Tours.

Cartwheel Art Magazine, engages the art community through publishing an online art magazine and weekly mailer, highlighting Los Angles events, in addition, to providing media sponsorship, and partnership opportunities.

Cartwheel Art Services, offers a range of promotional editorial media services and event programming, as well as matching brands to artists.

Cartwheel Art Tours,  produces and leads unique immersive, neighborhood art tours throughout Southern California for groups and organizations. Exclusive opportunities are provided for guests to discover, explore and experience both art and neighborhoods in which it is made. Unique artisan businesses with food and beverage are also included. Cartwheel Art Tours designs varied and rotating authentic experiences utilizing the perspectives of an eclectic team of knowledgeable and passionate insiders including historians, artists, writers and filmmakers who are deeply connected to their neighborhoods. Tours are led by Cindy Schwarzstein, Cartwheel Art Magazine founder, and most include an educational component on Street Art and Graffiti by co-host Steve Grody, author of Graffiti LA: Street Styles and Art.


Lisa Derrick, co-curator and editorial director, installing “Dark Progressivism: Mathematica II”


Install photo from earlier today in the Cartwheel Art


Install photo from the Cartwheel Art booth, featuring Prime and Big Sleeps


Leafar Seyer, Pavel Acevedo, Amer the Gamer SMT, and Jose Alfredo Garcia


Above, Prime, with Tony De Cou flanked by Jesse Hazeliip


Prime and Big Sleep collab, Evolution


The work of Susan Logoreci, whose mural work can be seen on the Expo Line


Leafar Seyer (Rafael Reyes), “Friends Are Poison;” Seyer is the vocalist in  Prayers.


Pavel Acevedo “905/ Californias”


Tony De Cou, Hopeless, ballpoint on cotton

Gregorio Escalante Gallery:

Gregorio Escalante Gallery‘s booth  features artists who have shows coming up at Gregorio Escalante Gallery on Chung King Road in DTLA Chinatown. Here is a statement about Gregorio Escalante Gallery:

Established in 2015, Gregorio Escalante Gallery is a Los Angeles art exhibition space located on Chinatown’s cultured Chung King Road. Owner and curator Greg Escalante cofounded Juxtapoz Art Magazine with artists Robert Williams, Craig Stecyk, and others in 1994. Juxtapoz was founded on the idea that there was an unrecognized art movement taking place that had no voice and was being completely ignored by the mainstream art world, its institutions, and publications. Juxtapoz has since become the #1 selling art magazine in the world. He also cofounded what is now Copro Gallery in 1993 with Doug Nason as a way to promote and deal in this new art scene. Escalante’s other outings have seen him involved in years of curating at a great many museums, including MoMA in NY.


Greg Escalante, owner of Gregorio Escalante Gallery and Copro Gallery, installing the show.


Install at Gregorio Escalante Gallery booth. Work here by Shag, Joshua Paskowitz and Jeff Gilette.


Blek le Rat Sign of the Time (#6) 2015, Mixed media on paper, 30 x 22.5″


Joshua Paskowitz, Da Cat


Jorge Gutierrez Muerto Mouse”.  2010, Acrylic on wood, 14 x 18″. From  July 2016 show at Gregorio Escalante Gallery. He is the creator of the animated film Book of Life.


Catherine Kaleel, “Easy Does It”


Paul Frank, Skelton, 2015,  mixed media,  22 x 38″ (framed)


Matthew “Banjo” Stroven, Chopper, blown glass


Moira Hahn Wind Demon, 2016, watercolor, 13″ x 30″ 24″ x 41″ (framed)


Nychos Graff Till Death,  2015, Ink on paper, 17.5 x 24.5″ (framed)


Shepard Fairey, Pop Wasteland, 2016, mixed media on paper, 30 x 40 in


Robert Xavier Burden 3 Cobra Commanders, 2016, oil on panel, 6″ x 18″

La Luz de Jesus Gallery:

From Matt Kennedy, the gallery director for La Luz de Jesus Gallery:

As a gallery with a long history of elevating art forms that were looked down upon, Art Gathering LA seems like the hailing of a conquering hero. We’ve exhibited at the Ink N Iron show in the past and the opportunity to connect with community leaders in Long Beach is both a privilege and a pleasure. We were the first gallery to come on board and nominated an artist we respect but have not had the pleasure to exhibit (Ron English) for the lifetime award. As the stalwarts of this scene, I think it’s important to acknowledge the people and professionals who’ve helped take our message to the masses and I’m humbled to be in such esteemed company with such a great group of peers.

The work that La Luz de Jesus Gallery will be showing includes photorealistic paintings (as shown below from Robert Craig. Matt Kennedy elaborates:

We’ll exhibit them as raw canvas on the wall (no stretchers, no frames) for people to see that they are real. I’ll also have a large painting that Jeffrey V. Parise did for the Dalai Lama at the Lama’s last birthday party, a couple of Shaun Berke paintings, a bunch of stuff from the history of Lowbrow, and a lot of wonderful and affordable work from Christine Wu, Soey Milk and many others. The Howard Hallis lenticular light box is amazing.


Robert Craig She Lives

Craig_wednesday-checks-her-hem copy

Robert Craig, Wednesday Checks her Hem


Photo from the install at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery booth.


Photo from install at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery booth.


Photo from install at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery booth.


Photo from install at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery booth.

 Tresor Gallery:

Tresor Gallery is based in New Orleans LA, and was established in 2010 by the quixotic art enthusiast David Barany. New Orleans, being a city full of mystical voodoo romance and all things quirky and weird, he believed that a space dedicated to catering to the bizarre nature of the mind would be a success. Tresor Gallery has since made a name for itself and offers an extraordinary collection of figurative, narrative and outsider art, with a particular interest in pop surrealism and the macabre. The gallery has been supporting and collaborating with both emerging and established artists from all around the world, to bring a creative and hazardous slice of contemporary life.


Photo provided by Tresor Gallery.

Ron English Pop-Up Store and Wheat Paste Mural: 

Ron English, will be doing a pop-up store and a wheat paste mural at Art Gathering LA. A print collab with 1XRun will also be released. The following are images of the wall/print design, as well as images of some of the rare items that will be available in the store. All photos provided by the artist.

ron portrait with temper tot





Chet Zar Pop-Up Store & Workshop

The dark art of Chet Zar, who depicts monsters and creatures, will be on exhibition at Art Gathering. Zar will be selling his paintings, prints, sculptures and books in a gallery space. In addition, he will be leading a seminar and demonstration during Art Gathering. The workshop will show how to paint monster portraits in oil.

From Zar who was quoted in Press-Telegram, explaining that his artwork fits right in with the tattoo world.

“The tattoo crowd is really into my artwork,” he said. “They’re into artwork in general. They’re some of the biggest art lovers out there.

“People even tattoo my work all the time,” he added. “I always ask tattoo artists to send me pictures, and I have a huge collection of tattoos of my work.”


The study for the painting seminar that will be offered by Chet Zar. Photo provided by artist.

We are the Shadows_Web

Work by Chet Zar. Photo provide by artist.


Work by Chet Zar. Photo provided by artist.


Work by Chet Zar. Photo provided by artist.


Work by Chet Zar. Photo provided by artist.


Work by Chet Zar. Photo provided by artist.



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