PREVIEW: Armory Arts Week NY 2013: The Armory Show, Scope, Fountain, and Volta

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The oldest art fair in the United States, The Armory Show, has spawned a massive series of events that encompasses all five boroughs of New York City bringing international artists, galleries, dealers, collectors, and enthusiasts to the city for a week of non-stop art and culture activities.

Armory Arts Week running March 5-10, 2013 includes the The Armory Show 2013, now celebrating its 100th year, plus over a dozen other art fairs including SCOPE New York 2013, VOLTA NY 2013, and Fountain Art Fair at the Armory.

SCOPE New York 2013 runs March 6-10, and the fair’s exhibitors include many CARTWHEEL favorites including Thinkspace, Fabien Castanier, and Laguna Beach’s CES Contemporary, plus Red Truck Gallery from New Orleans, The Mcloughlin Gallery of San Francisco, Robert Fontaine Gallery of Miami, Spoke Art of San Francisco, C. Emerson Fine Arts of St. Petersburg, Florida, Parlor Gallery of New Jersey and Tinca Art of New York. Ron English presents Culture Jam Super Market, a perceptually askew site-specific installation of in-store advertising that examines the accepted cultural nuances that serve as our common commercial language. Miami-based Unix Fine Art is bringing in hot commodity Desire Obtain Cherish, whose exhibition we loved at the L.A. Art Show in January.

VOLTA NY 2013 takes place March 7-10. Greg Haberny, a CARTWHEEL featured artist, is among the artists included in the invitational fair, which features all solo projects. Haberny will be showcasing his bizarre-political-madhouse installation work with Lyons Wier Gallery of New York — that’s the gallery which showed  Haberny’s installation at Aqua Art Fair Miami Beach in December awesomely entertaining, deconstructed piano with iPod soundtrack In a new interview with CARTWHEEL, the artist said:

I’m incredibly excited about VOLTA.  It’s a very prestigious fair, and I’ve always attended it. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to exhibit with a very strong showcase of artists.

In addition to Haberny, VOLTA exhibitions that top our list include balzerARTprojects of Switzerland, and New York galleries The Hole and MIXED GREENS.

Fountain Art Fair at the Armory March 8-10 will be held in a historic location that ought to earn headlines for its ambiance alone. It’s fitting that Fountain is held at the site of the original Armory Show a century ago where Duchamp first exhibited his work in New York, leaving lasting legacy that challenged people’s preconceived notions of what art can be. One hundred years later, Fountain Art Fair is challenging people’s preconceived notions of what an art fair can be. We love the exploratory nature of an edgy, filled-to-the-brim art fair, and in fact discovered four of our CARTWHEEL featured artists at Fountain fairs — Scott Michael Ackerman and RADICAL! at Fountain NY 2012 (read about the introduction here), Evo Love at Fountain Miami 2011 and Corey Hagberg at Fountain’s Miami 2012. We recommend keeping an eye out for street and contemporary artworks of up-and-comers such as Illinois artist collective Correa, Jimenez and Stewart; curatoral effort Mighty Tanaka; Dave Tree and Victor Cox of the arts collective Murder Lounge, as well as Fountain co-founder David Kesting who runs the art space David Kesting Presents.

The Armory Show 2013 runs March 7-10. The celebrated fair is devoted to showcasing the most important artworks of the 20th and 21st centuries. This year marks the centennial of the fair’s namesake, the Armory Show of 1913, which is credited with the introduction of European Modernism to the United States and Marcel Duchamp‘s arrival in New York City. The fair’s diverse programming will bring this rich cultural heritage to light, shining a lens on the development and trajectory of the avant-garde in America. Special programming at the fair includes Factory Film Portraits hosted by The Andy Warhol Museum, a screen-test room that allows visitors to experience Andy Warhol’s famous methods of portraiture for themselves. Galleries showcasing at the fair that should not be missed include Honor Fraser Gallery of Los Angeles, Andrew Edlin Gallery of New York, Crown Point Press of San Francisco, David Zwirner Gallery of New York, and Michael Kohn Gallery of Los Angeles.

Seeking more tips on artists to see at The Armory Show? We admire the following artists’ works that will be on view at Piers 92 & 94: Jorge Cabieses with Galeria Lucia de la Puente, Gordon Cheung with Alan Cristea Gallery, Jacob Hashimoto, Mel Bochner with Sims Reed Gallery, Brice Marden with Armand Bartos Fine Art, Gerhard Richter with Michael Schultz Gallery, Billy Al Bengston with Alan Koppel Gallery, Robert Forman with Francis M. Naumann Fine Art, Marc Trujillo at Hirchl & Adler Modern and Abigail Reynolds with Ambach & Rice.

SCOPE New York 2013
March 6-10
SCOPE New York Pavilion
The Armory, 312 West 33rd. St. (Skylight at Moynihan Station), New York, NY

March 7-10
82 Mercer St, New York, NY

Fountain Art Fair at The Armory 2013
March 8-10
69th Regiment Armory (25th Street & Lexington Ave.), New York, NY

The Armory Show 2013
March 7-10
Piers 92 & 94, New York, NY

Top image: Erik Jones with Spoke Art Gallery will be shown at SCOPE New York.


Red Truck Gallery, one of our favorites at the L.A. Art Show in January, will be at SCOPE New York this week. Pictured: chandelier by Adam Wallacavage.


At SCOPE New York 2013 this week, Miami-based Unix Fine Art is showing works by Desire Obtain Cherish. The following week, the artist’s only L.A. solo show of the year, #undertheinfluence, opens at KM Fine Arts. CARTWHEEL has new, exclusive photos and interview with DOC (Pictured here at the L.A. Art Show).


Work by Rero will be at SCOPE with Fabien Castanier (pictured here in December 2012 at Context Miami)


Brian Viveros with Thinkspace will be at SCOPE


Jill Ricci will be showing with Parlor Gallery at SCOPE


See Tinca Art at SCOPE this week. Pictured at Fountain art fair in Miami, Dec. 2012


Greg Haberny will be showing his works at VOLTA. Pictured: Don’t Touch My Toys


Mixed Greens Gallery will be showcasing work by Stas Orlovski at VOLTA


Kadar Brock with The Hole, showing this week at VOLTA

christine frerichs with km gallery

Christine Frerichs with gallery km, showing at VOLTA

Belguim’s N O M A D Gallery will exhibit works by Aimé Mpane at VOLTA. Pictured: La Nature est Morte, 2012 (Wood, acrylic and fluorescent paint, carbon fiber)

IMG_7889 copy

The Correa, Jimenez and Stewart crew at Fountain Art Fair Miami, with CARTWHEEL artist Corey Hagberg.


See work by Dave Tree at Fountain New York


A preview from Andrew Edlin Gallery at The Armory Show 2013: Tom Duncan, Dedicated to Coney Island, 2002 (Mixed media)


On the Road Again, by Risk, 2012 (Aerosol on license plates with neon) will be on display — not for sale — at The Armory Show.

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 6.55.38 PM

Macr Trujillo’s cityscapes and fast food paintings at Hirchl & Adler Modern, at The Armory Show


Vija Celmins’s work will be shown with Susan Sheehan Gallery at The Armory Show.


Be sure to seek out Mel Blochner’s work at The Armory Show (Pictured here at Art Los Angeles Contemporary in January).


Retna’s work will be shown with Michael Kohn Gallery of Los Angeles at The Armory Show.

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