Coverage Summary from Miami Art Week 2015, with Guest Contributors Perspectives Capture through words and Visuals

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It was that time of the year: Miami Art Basel, when the balmy city became home to more than 20 distinct pop-up art festivals during the highly anticipated, high energy first week of December in 2015. From sophisticated Art Basel for the cultural connoisseur, to graffiti-clad and urban art of Wynwood, Miami there was something for everyone: public art and installations, unparalleled people watching opportunities, and spectacles unable to predict. From installations to parties, nightclubs and pop-ups, Miami Art brings it all.

With all of that, this year we put together a diverse and exciting team of Cartwheel Art guest contributors, who provided coverage in Miami, based on their perspective, interests and expertise, through their words and/or photographs.

Here are the links to the articles by our guest contributors for you to enjoy. Note, we still are looking forward to the last article that will be coming to us from Jason Ostro and Adam Ayala along with the SCOPE recap, so stay tuned for more.

Top opening photo by Jay Kantor of Kung Fu Breakfast.


Michelle Berc: Tech Art Steals the Show at Miami Art Week, by Michelle Berc of Create: Fixate


Kasey Billitz: Best of Basel with Kasey Billitz of Miami Art Seen


Michael “Torquato” DeNicola: Torquato’s Golden Ticket through Art Basel, 2015


Jay Kantor: Art Basel in 25 days by Jay Kantor of Kung Fu Breakfast 


Jessie Oh: My Favorite Moments of Miami Art by Jessie Oh


Robert “Sticky” Shaw: The Scoop on Coming into Art Basel by “Sticky” Shaw




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